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Defence Current Affairs
Defence Current Affairs January 4th Week 2019
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Defence Current Affairs January 4th Week 2019

 1. Israel, US successfully test ballistic missile interceptors

The Israeli and US defence ministries said, they have successfully tested ballistic missile interceptors deployed at Israeli airbases. The tests came a day after the latest deadly exchange of fire between Israel and Iranian forces operating in Syria. 
The Arrow 3 interceptor system, designed to shoot down missiles above the atmosphere, was deployed at air force bases across Israel two years ago. 
A Defence ministry statement said, Arrow 3, launched toward the target and successfully completed its mission, is intended to serve as Israel`s highest-altitude missile interception system. It said, it is a major milestone in the operational capabilities of Israel and its ability to defend itself against current and future threats in the region. 
With this, Israel has vowed to prevent Iran from entrenching itself in neighbouring Syria. Israel`s Arrow system has been partly financed by the United States.



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