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International Current Affairs April 1st Week 2018
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 1. World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April.

7th April is celebrated as the World Health Day all over the globe. This initiative by WHO is aimed at promoting awareness, motivating and inspiring everybody to pay adequate attention towards the one thing that matters the most- one`s health. This year, the theme for World Health Day is `Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere`. Food forms an important constituent of your overall health. Consuming a healthy, balanced diet and steering clear of junk and processed foods are few of the basic tenets most of us know of healthy eating. But if you think that is all you need to do for healthy eating, then you must think again. You would be surprised to know that some of our `healthiest` foods are laden with adulterants which can pave way for a various disorders. Day in and day out one can read about the growth of pesticides and fertilizers penetrating our vegetables and fruits. The water that we drink is not spared either. The elixir of life is becoming life threatening due to presence of hard chemicals.

Ashwin Bhadri, CEO at Equinox labs and an expert in FSSAI Compliance and Food Safety Management, lists out 5 food safety tips you must ensure to not fall prey to the malicious adulterants. Mr. Bhadri says, "A detailed eye for observing the unwanted ingredients can save you from the later food disorders. "