Finance 18 November 3nd week 2017
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1. Paytm and ICICI Bank collaborate to offer short-term instant digital credit.

Paytm, a digital wallet app, and ICICI Bank, a private sector bank, have collaborated to announce an all-new initiative where users can get interest-free short-term digital credit. Called Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid, the new offer will let Paytm customers get instant credit for various use-cases like paying for movie tickets, bill payments, flights, as well as physical goods.


As per the new Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid offer, customers can get digital credit account with instant activation without documentation or branch visit, and the activation will be online. Customers will be offered digital credit based on their credit-score and can be offered up to 45 days interest-free credit limit. The credit limit will range from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000 and will be extendable up to Rs. 20,000 based on the repayment history of the customer. Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid will have a quick checkout option for customers with the Paytm Passcode.