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No interest in going to school
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> Sometimes when an adolescent loses interest in school, the signs and symptoms of this apathy may go beyond a poor report card. He might have severe anxiety attacks whenever he approaches school. He may complain of stomach pains, backaches, chest pain, and fatigue.

> The physical symptoms, although real, are occurring in response to psychological distress. Some of the factors that contribute to this school avoidance may be familiar to you by now--from an intimidating bully at school to a problem with a teacher, from relationships with parents and difficulties at home (marital strife) to stress about entering a new school environment (starting junior high or high school).

> Also, keep in mind that whether your youngster is concerned about violence or difficulties with a teacher, you may not be able to completely prevent him from experiencing pain in such a situation. But you might be able to help him see and choose alternatives that can ease his anxiety or make the problem less stressful.

> One more point about school violence: if your teenager is the aggressor in such situations, you need to intervene immediately. Teach your youngster, through your words and actions, that violence is never an acceptable form of behaviour.