A Lesson In Wisdom
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A bear, a wolf and a fox once met and began bemoaning their lot and saying that they were often obliged to go hungry for so long a time that they got cramps in their bellies. Feeling that something had to be done about it , they talked it over and decided to live as brothers and to share whatever food came their way. This resolved on, they embraced in true brotherly fashion, vowed to be faithful to one another and set out together to hunt for prey.

On they walked and they came upon a young wounded deer . They killed it there and then , seated themselves in a shady spot and began dividing their booty.


Said the Bear to the wolf whose jaws were stiff , so long had he been gnashing his teeth: "Come , Wolf you divide the deer among the three of us ." "Very well , if that`s what you want ," said the Wolf . "The head will go to you , Bear, you being our lord and master, the body to me, and the legs to the Fox."

But the Wolf had not finished speaking when the Bear struck him such a blow on the head with his paw that the mountains rang with the sound of it. The wolf gave a howl of pain and fell in a heap. And the Bear turned to the Fox and said:`And now , Mistress Fox , you divide the deer ".

And the fox , who was very sly , rose and said in flattering tones:

"The deer`s head is yours by right , Bear , for you are our lord and master, his body is yours , for you have always cared for us like a father, and his legs are yours too, for you have always tried to do all you could for the rest of us."

"You are clever indeed , Mistress Fox," said the Bear . "Whoever taught you this very wise and sensible way of dividing a deer?"

"You did , my lord ", said the fox . "I`m not one to whom things have to be pointed out twice."