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Preparation Tips for SI Police Recruitment Written Exam
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  • Know your strengths and weaknesses – You must plan the preparation well in advance. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus where it is needed that most. For example, you can be strong in Math, average in Chemistry but clueless in Physics. It is important because you can turn your weakness into strength provided that you work hard.
  • Know your exam well – You must be familiar with the syllabus, exam pattern, exam notification, important chapters from exam perspective and the marking scheme. It would greatly help you in making the study schedule and improving the attempts in the examination.
  • Plan your preparation – It is crucial to plan your preparation and create a timetable. You can assign chapters and topics on daily basis or weekly basis. It would help you to cover the syllabus in time. However, making a schedule is not sufficient and you need to stick to it as well. Timetable must devote equal time to all subjects, with tough subjects mixed with easy ones.
  • Practice hard – You must remember that only learning chapters will not result into success. You need to materialize your learning into a better score in the exam which is why high practice is recommended. So practice, practice and practice till you are perfect at a particular chapter. If you practice and not cram, you would be able to crack the questions at ease.
  • Beyond studies – You must balance your extracurricular activities with the studies. By extracurricular, we mean the activities which can help you relax in the strenuous study schedule. You can do exercises to keep body and soul fit. Proper diet is also important aspect that cannot be ruled out. You must have healthy light meals which includes consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid consuming fatty and sugary foods.


Some Special Tips for SI:

  • Start with chapters that you are weak in, it will help you to prepare in time and you will not panic at the last stages of preparation.
  • Pay special focus on important topics and subjects. You must understand the importance of each topic from exam point of view.
  • Revise, practice and solve as many sample papers as you can. It will help you to know how well prepared you are.
  • Leave new chapters if exams are just approaching otherwise it will create a lot of stress.