How to prepare for IBPS Personal Interview
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  • Communicate with your friends/relatives on the relevant subjects before facing the interview.
  • During the interview practice with a friend/relative record your answers. You will be able to listen/see where you fumble and where you need to improve.
  • Talk to yourself in front of the mirror to gain confidence.
  • Understand your own self – your strengths, weaknesses and nature. This will help you excel in the Personal Interview.
  •  It`s essential that whichever language you speak in, you should have a good command over the language. Brush up some basic grammar rules.
  • Listen to news in the language you will be using during the exam. This will help you remember correct pronunciations and improve your flow of language.
  • Know your resume inside out: you should know everything about your resume as anything may be asked, your previous education, extra-curricular activities, awards, projects etc. You should be able to confidently speak about each point on your resume. 


Tips on how to face a Personal Interview: 

  • The candidates qualifying in the written examination will be called for the interview.
  • Remember to reach the venue early and arrive for the interview on time. 
  • The first thing to be remembered before facing any interview is self confidence. Your attitude should reflect your confidence to the interviewer.
  • Be very gentle once you enter the interview room. First of all greet the interviewer with a warm smile. 
  • Before getting yourself seated ask the interviewer’s permission like “May I have a seat?”
  • Remember to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Remember that while it`s good to talk eloquently you should not ramble on. Speak clearly and concisely, so you express your thoughts in the best way possible. 
  •  If you are unaware of any of the question’s answer be honest in telling that you don’t know the answer, don’t just try to give any random answer which may irritate the interviewer.
  • Speak the truth while answering personal questions – nothing works quite as well as truth. Diligence, genuineness, maturity and an awareness of the environment around you are positive traits.
  • Along with asking questions the interviewers may also test your patience levels. Never get into any argument with them. Always have a smile on your face.