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1. Why should bowling alleys be quiet?

2 What is the hardest thing about learning to ride a bicycle?

3. Why is the sun like a good loaf of bread?

4. What is the coldest row in a theater?

5. What kind of cans may be found on the floor of the United States Congress?

6. What kind of a house weighs the least?

7. When are the roads unpleasant?

8. What swimmer could jump in the water and not get his hairwet?

9. Why do snowflakes dance about?

10. What is it that dances in the yard after it is dead?

11. What is bought by the yard but worn by the foot?

12. What trees are left behind after a fire?

Answers to the Riddles

1. So that one can hear a pin drop!

2. The Ground!

3. Because it`s light when it rises!

4. Z row (zero).

5. Republicans.

6. A

7. When they are

8. A bald-headed man.

9. They are getting ready for the snowball.

10. A fallen leaf.

11. A rug

12. Ashes.