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Playing too much
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With all the talk of staying fit and exercising a lot, its hard to believe that some young adults spend too much time playing..

No time to rest? Many teens exercise so much that they don`t have time to sit down and take a breather. If you undertake so many sports activities and are so physically active that you never have time to get home, sit down and rest, you should slow down and possibly change your physical exercise habits.

Spending too much time in sports can also result in injuries. If you spend a lot of time on one specific sport, you can possibly incur a stress fracture. A stress fracture occurs when there is a small break in a bone or tissue in your body caused by repeated stress in one specific area. This can happen frequently to those who spend their entire summers involving in a single sport.

Avoid setting goals that are too high. If you set unrealistic goals for your physical activity, and press yourself too hard to meet those goals, you can put too much stress, on your body.

Remember, sports and exercises are for fun, so enjoy the exercise you get out of physical activities. Still, always monitor the time you spend, because you cannot have "too much of a good thing".