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October 4th week 2015 Current Affairs
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1) Cabinet approved agreement between India and Egypt on Maritime Transport.

  • The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has given its approval for signing of an agreement between India and Egypt on Maritime Transport.
  • Recognizing the significant mutual benefit that can be derived from-cooperation in the area of shipping between the two countries, it has been decided to sign the Agreement with a view to strengthening cooperation and to render sustained mutual assistance and advice on merchant shipping and other related maritime matters.
Signing of the Agreement includes:
  1. The development their maritime relationship and cooperate in the task of enhancing and stimulating steady growth of maritime traffic.
  2. Exchange and training of staff and students from various maritime establishments.
  3. Exchange-of information necessary for accelerating and facilitating the flow of commercial goods at sea and at ports.
  4. Establishment of joint ventures in the fields of maritime transportation.
  5. Shipbuilding and repairs
  6. Maritime training
  7. Information technology including development of simulators
  8. Port facilities and related maritime activities, etc.
About Egypt:
  1. Capital : Cairo
  2. Currency : Egyptian pound
  3. President : Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

2) Britain signs landmark nuclear deal with China

  • Britain has signed a landmark nuclear deal with China to build the United Kingdoms first nuclear power plant since the 1980s.
  • The landmark deal was signed in London during the official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The agreement is considered as the first major Chinese investment in Western nuclear facility.
Key Points:
  1. The agreement was signed between French state owned EDF Energy and General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) of China.
  2. Under this deal, nuclear power plant will be built at Hinkley Point, Somerset near London with total planned investment of 18 billion pound.
  3. CGN will contribute 6 billion pounds i.e. one-third of the total planned investment. CGN will have two-thirds stake and Areva will have one-fifth stake.
  4. The plant will be become operational by 2025 providing affordable power to Britain. Apart from this landmark deal, both countries also signed deals worth more than 30 billion pounds.
About Britain:
  1. Capital : London
  2. Prime minister : David Cameron
  3. Queen : Elizabeth II
  4. Chancellor : Chris Leslie
  5. Currency : Pound sterling
3) Pakistan PM heads to U.S.
  • Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrives in the U.S. for a four-day trip and is likely to face pressure to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table, days after Washington said it was delaying its withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • U.S. President Barack Obama reversed a pledge to pull troops out as he admitted Afghan forces were not ready to stand alone against the resurgent Islamists. The U.S. sees Pakistan as a source of influence over the Taliban.
  • Washingtons relationship with Islamabad is a prickly one. Pakistan was once the Talibans main sponsor and its chief protector, but nominally switched sides after the September 11, 2001 attacks.
  • However, U.S. officials suspect the organisation still receives succour from elements in Pakistan, including the nations powerful spy agency. That charge is repeated by Kabul, which accuses Islamabad of harbouring and nurturing Taliban insurgents.
About Pakistan:
  1. Capital : Islamabad
  2. Founded : August 14, 1947
  3. Currency : Pakistani rupee
  4. Prime minister : Nawaz Sharif
  5. President : Mamnoon Hussain

4) Japan offers India soft loan for $15 billion bullet train in edge over China.

  • First ever Bullet train in India, Japan is going to join a hand with India by providing USD 15 billion at an interest rate of less than 1% to build bullet trains.
  • Tokyo was picked to assess the feasibility of building the 505-kilometre corridor linking Mumbai with Ahmadabad, the commercial capital of Prime Minister Narendra Modi home state, and concluded it would be technically and financially viable.
  • China won the contract to assess the feasibility of a high-speed train between Delhi and Mumbai, a 1,200-km route estimated to cost twice as much. No loan has yet been offered.
  • Japans decision to give virtually free finance is part of its broader push back against Chinas involvement in infrastructure development in South Asia over the past several years.
About China
  1. Capital : Beijing
  2. Currency : Renminbi
  3. President : Xi Jinping