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October 4th week 2014 Current Affairs
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 1) Name the person Who has been chosen as the new Chief Minister of Haryana during a meeting by BJP legislative party leaders in Chandigarh on 21stOct`14?  

Ans : (1) 
1. Manohar lal Khattar 
2. Rishikesh Singh 
3. Manohar singh 
4. Manideep Singh 
5. Adithya Pancholi
Explanation: He won the Karnal seat in his debut assembly election by 63,000 votes. He joined the RSS in 1980, and has spent nearly 35 years as an active pracharak
2) Who is the chief coach of Indian Hockey team who has resigned from his post on 21stOct`14 because of a pay dispute with Sports Authority of India? 
Ans: (1)
1. Terry Walsh 
2. Trian Wally 
3. Valiar Treshikon 
4. Johny Terrish 
5. None 
Explanation: The 60-year-old Australian, himself a noted Olympian, submitted his resignation in dramatic fashion, saying that he was finding it difficult to adjust to the decision making style of the sporting bureaucracy in the country.
3) India have signed the Power TRADE Agreement (PTA) with which country, allowing exchange of electricity and opening up new vistas of cooperation in the hydro-power sector on 21stOct`14? 
1. Bangladesh
2. Nepal 
3. China 
4. Japan 
5. Srilanka 
Explanation: The two sides had agreed to sign the agreement during Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s visit to Nepal in August.
4) Who among the following has proposed to make paid news an electoral offence to provide a legal playing field for political parties? 
Ans: (1)
1. Election commission of India 
2. Indian Army 
3. President of India 
4. Both houses of India (Lok sabha and Rajya sabha) 
5. Rajya sabha 
Explanation: Chief Election Commissioner, V S Sampath said that the Commission has proposed to the Law Ministry that paid news should be made an electoral offence.
5) By how much percent, Union Government has increased the fellowship amount of research scholars? 
1. Upto 67% 
2. Upto 50% 
3. Upto 25%
4. Upto 75%
5. Upto 60% 
Explanation: The scholarship of Junior Research fellowship has increased to twenty five thousand rupees from 16 thousand rupees while Senior Research fellowship will get thirty thousand rupees from 18 thousand which will be effective from 1st of this month. 
6) China has to open new route for Kailash Manasorvar by which year?
1. 2016 
2. 2015 
3. 2017 
4. 2018 
5. 2020 
Explanation: China has assured India that all preparatory steps are being taken to open the new route for pilgrims of Kailash and Mansarovar in Tibet through Sikkim.
7) India has been re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for how many years? 
1. 3 
2. 2 
3. 4 
4. 5 
5. 6
Explanation: 2 years; from 2015 to 2017. The elections were held in the UN General Assembly in New York yesterday, and India was competing in the Asia-Pacific group in which four seats were up for election. India received the highest, 162 votes. The other countries competing in the group were Indonesia, Bangladesh, Qatar, Thailand, Kuwait, Cambodia, Philippines and Bahrain. Out of them, India, Bangladesh, Qatar and Indonesia made it to the UNHRC.
8) BCCI decided to initiate legal proceedings for abrupt cancellation of their tour to India against which country`s cricket board? 
1. West Indies
2. Pakistan 
3. Srilanka 
4. Bangladesh 
5. South Africa 
Explanation: It also decided to suspend all bilateral tours between BCCI and West Indies Cricket Board.
9) Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention day has been observed across the world on.? 
1. 21 October 
2. 22 October 
3. 23 October 
4. 24 October 
5. 25 October 
Explanation: The day was observed to create awareness of the need to prevent iodine deficiency 
10)International Stammering Awareness Day was observed on..? 
1. 22 October 
2. 24 October 
3. 23 October 
4. 26 October 
5. 27 October 
Explanation: The day was observed to raise public awareness about the people who have the speech disorder of stuttering, which is also known as stammering.
11) Name the company which has announced changes to its search engine in an attempt to curb online piracy and highlight legal sites? 
1. Orkut 
2. Google 
3. Netscape Navigator 
4. Skype 
5. None 
Explanation: The company also added extra measures to filter its search results so that links containing illegal content come at the lower places in results while legal sites float to the top. 
12) Name the jail authority which has set up e-library for its women inmates on 21stOct’14? 
1. Tihar jail 
2. Haryana jail 
3. Charlapalli Jail 
4. Bihar jail 
5. None
Explanation: The library is aimed at helping the women inmates to sharpen their technical skills, besides, providing education and entertainment. 
13) Which committee has constituted to provide Bankruptcy code for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on 20thOct`14? 
1. Vishwanath Committee 
2. Mudgal Committee 
3. Shah Committee 
4. Sinha Committee 
5. None 
Explanation: The committee will be headed by former Lok Sabha secretary-general and former law secretary T K Vishwanathan. 
14) The All India Survey on Higher Education 2014-15 (AISHE) was launched by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development on _? 
1. 22 October 
2. 24 October 
3. 23 October 
4. 25 October 
5. 26 October 
Explanation: The survey is aimed at building a sound database which is updated annually as per the information submitted by the institutions covered under it. It will collect data on teachers, student enrolment, examination results, education finance and infrastructure. 
15) What is the name of the person who won the prestigious Sakharov Human Rights Prize of European Parliament for his work in helping thousands of gang rape victims in Congo on 21stOct`14? 
1. Denis Mukwege Mukengere 
2. Dennis Rhodes 
3. Dennis Murray 
4. Andreson Waugh
5. None 
Explanation: He is the founder and medical director of Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


 16) Name the country With which India has agreed to step up engagement between their militaries by setting up hotlines between the Army headquarters to curb incursions? 

1. China 
2. Japan 
3. South Korea 
4. Russia 
5. Canada
India and China have establish new border meeting posts to address incidents of incursions like the one in Ladakh area last month.
17) Police Commemoration Day was observed on?  
1. 21 October 
2. 22 October 
3. 23 October 
4. 24 October 
5. 25 October 
18) Which country among the following has expressed its interest to INVEST Rs. 10 thousand crore in road sector in Rajasthan? 
1. Malaysia 
2. UAE 
3. Srilanka 
4. Nepal 
5. China 
19) On which day among the following the Union Minister of state (Independent Charge) for Commerce and Industry Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman launched ‘e-permit’ a website on e-governance initiatives of Coffee Board in Bangalore? 
1. 23 October 
2. 20 October 
3. 24 October 
4. 25 October 
5. 26 October
20) Among the following, In which country, ASIAN PARA GAMES 2014 is scheduled to be held from 18thOct`14 to 24thOct`14? 
1. South korea 
2. South Africa 
3. Kenya 
4. Saudi 
5. Russia
21) Name the state, in which the Chief Minister has declared year 2015 as the Tourism Year in the State? 
1. Maharashtra 
2. Madhya Pradesh 
3. Kerala 
4. Karnataka 
5. Gujarath 
22) Narinder Batra, Mohammed Mushtaq ahmad and Rajinder singh have been elected as the President, General Secretary And Treasurer of the which sport in India?
1. Football 
2. Hockey 
3. Volleyball 
4. Kabaddi 
5. Kho-Kho 
23) What is the name of the Indian-American attorney who was appointed as temporary head of Department of Justice`s civil rights division (DoJ) on 15th Oct`14? 
1. Vanita Guptha 
2. Vani Guptha 
3. Veena agarwal 
4. Vasantha Mehta 
5. Vasundhara Pande 
24) What is the name of the tropical Storm that struck Mexico on 19th Oct`14? 
1. Trudy 
2.  Greedy 
3. Trendy 
4. Grendy 
5. Leverendy 
25) Arogya Gram Yojna Organic Farming scheme was launched in which state on 18thOct`14? 
1. Jammu & Kashmir 
2. Kerala 
3. Gujarath 
4. Odisha 
5. Telengana 
26) World Osteoporosis Day is observed across the world on..? 
Ans : (1) 
1. 20 October 
2. 21 October 
3. 22 October 
4. 23 October 
5. 24 October 
Explanation: This day involves campaign by national osteoporosis patient societies from around the world with activities in more than 90 countries
27) Which country has won the World Junior Chess Champion title Recently?
Ans: (2)
1. China 
2. Japan 
3. India 
4. Indonesia 
5. Australia
Explanation: Lu Shanglei, China. He has defeated Aleksandar Indjic of Serbia. 
28) Which candidate has scripted Lok Sabha history by winning the Beed Seat in a bypoll in Maharashtra? 
1. Pritam Munde 
2. Priya Mudgal 
3. Priyanka Nedunuri 
4. Reethi Malhotra 
5. Preethi Kulkarni
Explanation: She is the second daughter of Late BJP leader Gopinath Munde. She has won by record margin of nearly 7 lakh votes. The previous record for a maximum victory margin in the Lok Sabha polls is held by Anil Basu of CPI-M who won by 5,92,502 votes from Arambagh in West Bengal during the 2004 Lok Sabha elections.
29) Name the country with which India has made a joint venture for development of Chabahar Port? 
Ans: (1)
1. Iran 
2. Iraq 
3. Israel 
4. Italy 
5. Indonesia 
Explanation: The Port of Chabahar is a seaport in Chah Bahar in southeastern Iran. Its location lies on the border of Indian Ocean and Oman Sea.
30) Who among the following has developed the feature which enables Twitter users to listen music directly from the twitter stream mobile devices? 
1. Sound cloud service 
2. Air Cloud service 
3. Cloud Music Service 
4. Music air service 
5. None 
Explanation: Twitter has launched an in-app audio streaming service that will allow users to play music or podcasts directly from their timelines.


 31) What is the name of the child who has created a new world record by climbing Kala Pattar peak, a base camp of Mount Everest? 

1. Harshitha Koerala 
2. Harshith Saumitra 
3. Soumya Harsha 
4. Harsha Sumitra 
5. Harisha Soumya
Explanation: Harshit Saumitra, 5 years old. Harshit has created a new world record by climbing Kala Pattar peak which is 5550 meters.
32) Recently, Which Cricket team won the series held between India and West Indies? 
1. West Indies 
2. India 
3. Match Draw 
4. No match conducted between India and West Indies recently 
5. None
Explanation: India takes 2-1 lead over West Indies.
33) Who was appointed as the new Chairman of the Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) on 17thOct`14? 
1. PSN Rao 
2. VSN Murthy 
3. PSN Mehtha 
4. V K agarwal 
5. None
Explanation: He was heading the Department of Housing, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. 
34) Name the bank with which, Bank of India (RBI) signed a pact for Supervisory Cooperation and Exchange of Supervisory Information? 
1. Central bank of china 
2. Central bank of Kenya 
3. HSBC 
4. Federal Bank 
5. None
Explanation: RBI also signed 22 such MoUs and one Letter for Supervisory Co-operation in the signing ceremony which was held at Hyderabad
35) Name the militant group with which Nigeria has signed a deal to free the girls on 17thOct`14? 
1. Boko Haram 
2. Army of Islam 
3. Al-Qaeda 
4. Ansar Dine 
5. Osbat-al-ansar
Explanation: The deal was signed at the close of a three-day security meeting between Nigeria and Cameroon. 
36) Acording to the announcement made by Union Home Ministry how many cities and towns of Karnataka will be renamed? 
1. 10 
2. 11 
3. 12 
4. 13 
5. 14
Explanation: The proposal was made on 27th Oct`06 to change the names of the 12 towns and cities in consonance with their pronunciation in Kannada language by the Karnataka Government.
37) Name the country in which the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) was concluded on 11thOct`14? 
1. Japan 
2. South Korea 
3. South Africa 
4. Kenya 
5. Denmark
Explanation: CEATEC provides a platform for companies and organizations from all over the world to showcase their cutting-edge products, services and technologies.
38) What is the name of the Hurricane that struck Bermuda on 18th Oct14? 
1. Gondia Category 
2. Gonzalo Of category II 
3. Gorilla Catergory III 
4. All above
5. None
Explanation: Hurricane Gonzalo of Category II struck Bermuda with winds of about 185 kilometers per hour on 18 October 2014.
39) Which country among the following has launched its first domestically built satellite ARSAT 1? 
1. Algeria 
2. Argentina 
3. Brazil 
4. Cambodia 
5. Canada
Explanation: This satellite helps to improve internet connections, phone connections for scientific working in Antarctic.
40) International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was observed across the world on? 
1. 17 October 
2. 18 October 
3. 19 October 
4. 20 October 
5. 21 October
Explanation: The theme for the day was Leave no one behind: think, decide and act together against extreme poverty.
41) Recently, Which political party is going to lose its status as a national party after it failed to win the two seats the party needed to hold on to this status? 
1. BSP 
2. CPI 
3. CPM 
4. BSMP 
5. None 
Explanation: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). BSP ended up winning one seat in Haryana only and none in Maharashtra.
42) How many leaders are appointed by BJP as its observers to decide leader of the legislative party in Maharashtra? 
1. 1 
2. 2 
3. 3 
4. 4 
5. 5
Explanation: Rajnath Singh, Home Minister and J P Nadda, General Secretary of BJP party
43) Recently, In which state BJP will form government for the first time on its own? 
1. Punjab 
2. Haryana 
3. Goa
4. Madhya Pradesh 
5. Jharkhand
Explanation: BJP will form a stable government on its own for the first time ever.
44) Recently in the assembly elections 2014, How many have been seats won by BJP in Haryana ? 
1. 43 
2. 47 
3. 48 
4. 49 
5. 45
Explanation: 47 seats. INLD won 19, INC won 15 , HJC+ won 2 and Others won 7 seats in the Assembly Elections held in Haryana.
45) Recently in the assembly elections, How many seats have been won by BJP in Maharashtra 2014 elections? 
1. 122 
2. 123 
3. 124 
4. 120 
5. 118
Explanation: 122 seats achieved by BJP out of 288. 63- Shiv Sena, 43-Indian National Congress, 41- Nationalist Congress Party, 1-Maharashtra NavNirman Sena, 18 for others. 
46) Who is the first politician to get bail in 21 days of imprisonment? 
1. J Jayalalitha 
2. Karunanidhi 
3. Indira Gandhi 
4. P A Sangma 
5. None
Explanation: She was released from prison on 18thOct`14.
47) International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was observed across the world on which day? 
1. 17 October 
2. 16 October 
3. 15 October
 4. 14 October 
5. 13 October
Explanation: The theme for the day was Leave no one behind: think, decide and act together against extreme poverty.
48) What is the name of the eminent Indian Scientist who received the World Food Prize 2014 for his scientific research? 
1. Dr. Sanjay rajaram 
2. Dr. Sudhakar Rajan 
3. Dr. Vinay rajan 
4. Dr. Pavan Rajan 
5. None
Explanation: Rajaram is credited with developing the Very lines of wheat in the 1980s which were used to breed locally adapted high-yielding varieties in various wheat-growing countries
49) How many countries were elected as non-permanent members of United Nations Security Council (UNSC)on 16thOct`14? 
1. 3 
2. 5 
3. 6 
4. 7 
5. 8
Explanation: Venezuela, Angola, Malaysia, New Zealand and Spain.
50) Which country has categorically said it will not mediate between India and Pakistan over Kashmir? 
1. Britain 
2. Bangladesh 
3. USA 
4. Srilanka 
5. China
Explanation: Britain`s deputy prime minister Nick Clegg said Britain does not want to be a mediator between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.