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 1)   At Present who is the chairman of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)?

 Ans : (4)
1. J P Nadda
2. Suresh Prabhu
3. NitinGadkari
4. S SAhluwalia
5. T J Malhotra

Explanation: He has been appointed on the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlement (LARR) Amendment Bill 2015. The Committee comprises of 20 members from LokSabha and 10 members from RajyaSabha.


 2) High Court has ruled that being a Maoist is not a crime and police cannot detain a person merely because he or she is a Maoist. Which high court took this decision?

 Ans : (1)
1. Kerala High Court
2. Jharkhand High Court
3. West Bengal High Court
4. Chhattisgarh High Court
5. None

Explanation: The court`s judgement came on 22nd May’15 in a case relating to the arrest of a man by Kerala Police`s special squad suspecting him of being a Maoist. The court said, though the political ideology of Maoists would not synchronise with our constitutional polity, being a Maoist is of no crime.


 3) RamdharisinghDinkar is the noted poet and author whose Golden Jubilee Celebration was inaugurated by the PM NarendraModi recently. He is the poet in which language? 

Ans : (2)
1. Telugu
2. Hindi
3. Odisha
4. Bengali
5. Gujrathi

Explanation: The golden jubilee celebration of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s two works – “SanskritikeChaarAdhyaye” and “ParshuramkiPratiksha” were inaugurated by NarendraModi at a function held at Delhi’s VigyanBhawan on 22nd May 2015.


 4) Name the institute that has developed new energy efficient synthesis strategies for preparation of various nano structured material (nano-catalysts)? 

Ans : (1)
4. IIT-Guwahati
5. IIT-Pune

Explanation: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research- Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR-IIP) using an environmentally benign green process with economic efficiency, has developed a nano catalyst which directly converts benzene to phenol in presence of air in a continuous process with very high selectivity. Anno Catalysts are useful for several challenging catalysis reactions?


 5) Lithuania country topped the first Environmental Democracy Index launched by which among the following -based World Resources Institute (WRI) recently?

 Ans : (2)
1. HongKong
2. Washington
3. Canada
4. Beijing
5. Tokyo

Explanation: Lithuania topped the list and it is followed by Latvia, Russia, US, South Africa, UK, Hungary, Bulgaria, Panama and Colombia. India has ranked 24th out of 70 countries.


 6) Which company will move out of the stock market benchmark index Sensex and will be replaced by drugmaker Lupin? 

Ans : (1)
1. Tata Power
2. Adani Power
3. AurobindoPharma
4. Ajanta Pharma
5. Ashok Leyland

Explanation: Private sector electricity producer Tata Power will move out of the stock market benchmark index Sensex and will be replaced by drugmakerLupin.


 7) Mumbai Indians team clinched the Indian Premier League of which series in the month may recently? 

Ans : (3)
1. 6
2. 7
3. 8
4. 9
5. 5

Explanation: Mumbai Indians won the final match of IPL 8 and clinched the title.


 8) Which bank signed a MoU to roll out a capital assistance programme for sellers using the online retailer’s platform with Snap deal e-commerce Company? 

Ans : (1)
1. State Bank of India
2. Canara bank
3. Bank of baroda
4. Axis bank
5. Indian Bank

Explanation: The strategy to tie-up with e-commerce sites also highlights the bank’s new strategy to keep in check the non-performing assets (NPA) in the SME sector by giving loans to sellers with good market access.


 9) Gujarath state recently entered into an agreement with which country’s firm called ZTESoft to collaborate in developing smart cities in the state?

Ans : (3)
1. Japanese
2. Nort Korea’s
3. Chinese
4. Bhutan’s
5. None

Explanation: ZTEsoft is a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, the largest public telecom equipment manufacturer in China. ZTEsoft and the Gujarat Government will work jointly to find the target city/area to be converted into a smart city.


 10) PawanGoenka is the Executive Director of which company who was recently appointed as Honorary Ambassador of Foreign Investment Promotion for Korea ?

 Ans : (2)
1. Tata Power
2. Mahindra & Mahindra
3. Reliance Industries
4. Crompton Greaves
5. None

Explanation: He is Honorary Ambassador for Korea and will promote economic ties between India and Korea and advise corporate India on potential investment opportunities in South Korea.


 11) Masaan Indian movie has won how many awards, at Cannes Film Festival 2015? 

Ans : (2)
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5

Explanation: FIPRESCI, International Jury of Film Critics prize and Promising Future prize . Massan directed by NeerajGhaywan.


 12) Which movie was honoured with the Palme d`Or top prize at the Cannes Film Festival recently? 

Ans : (1)
1. Dheepan
2. Saul Fia
3. The Lobster
4. NieYinniang
5. Keo-Konti

Explanation: Dheepan movie was directed by Jacques Audiard.


 13) Twentieth Law Commission of India on 22nd May submitted the 257th Report titled Reforms in Guardianship and Custody Laws in India to, the Union Minister of Law and Justice. Who is the Union Minister of law & justice? 

Ans : (2)
1. Arunjaitley
2. DV SadanandaGowda
3. Uma Bharthi
4. Sushmaswaraj
5. Venkaiiah Naidu

Explanation: The report reviewed the current laws dealing with custody and guardianship and came up with draft legislative amendments in the form of the Hindu Minority and Guardianship (Amendment) Bill, 2015 and the Guardians and Wards (Amendment) Bill, 2015 to the Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956 and the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 respectively.


 14) Uttar Pradesh state government amended which policy to woo tourism recently? 

Ans : (2)
1. Tourism
2. State Film Policy
3. Country Film Policy
4. Entertainment Policy
5. Both 3 & 4

Explanation: Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (UP) AkhileshYadav inaugurated the UP Film Bandhus’s Website and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to set up a film city.


15) Recently, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recommended Contract system for _________.?

Ans : (1)
1. Indian Woman Cricket Team
2. Indian Blind Man Cricket Team
3. Indian Men’s Cricket Team
4. State Cricket Team
5. Under XI Cricket Team

Explanation: A Contract system for international Women cricketers was proposed. It was also proposed to have more international fixtures for the Indian women’s cricket team.

 16) With Rotary club, Delhi Government recently tied up for revamping how many government schools in the state by upgrading sanitation and strengthening basic infrastructure facilities like drinking water and toilets?

Ans : (2)
1. 200
2. 300
3. 400
4. 500
5. 100

Explanation: In the first phase of the plan, Rotary Club will launch a hygiene campaign at 300 government schools and improve cleanliness besides working on basic facilities for the students.


 17) Three Gold Medals were won by the Indian boxers at World Junior Women`s boxing Championship . The Championship was held in which country ?

 Ans : (1)
1. Taiwan
2. Zambia
3. Cambodia
4. Cuba
5. Venezuela

Explanation: Savita (50kg), MandeepSandhu (52kg) and Sakshi (54kg) struck gold for the country, while Soniya (48kg) and NiharikaGonella (70kg) settled for silver medals.


 18) The Head of the Bureau of International Recycling is ………………..?

 Ans : (2)
1. Bjorn Grufman
2. Ranjit Singh Baxi
3. David Stewart
4. Nicholas Towan
5. None of these

Explanation: It is a global organisation that facilitates free and fair trade of recyclables in a sustainable and competitive world economy. Ranjit Singh Baxi is a Founder Chairman of J&H Sales (International) Ltd, a major European exporter of recovered fibre to the Far East. He succeeds Bjorn Grufman. Earlier he was appointed as the Treasurer.


 19) Among the following, which farmer centric TV Channel was launched by the PM Narendra Modi recently?

Ans : (4)
1. Kisan TV
2. Green TV
4. DD Kisan
5. Hara BharaKisan

Explanation: The 24-hour channel will air information on farmer-related issues. The government has made it a must carry channel making it mandatory for cable and Direct to Home, DTH operators to provide it to their subscribers.


 20) SaalEkShuruatAnekis the title of the Multi Media Exhibition inaugurated by the Union Finance Minister and Information and Broadcasting Minister . Who is the Minister? 

Ans : (2)
1. Uma Bharathi
2. ArunJaitley
3. Sushmaswaraj
4. SadanandaGowda
5. Ravi shankar

Explanation: Such events will be organised in all the 30 capitals and sixty cities during the next one month. He said, 345 mobile vans will be deployed for the campaign.


 21) West Bengal state is celebrating the ………….. birth anniversary of rebel poet KaziNazrul Islam on 25th May’15?

 Ans : (1)
1. 116
2. 117
3. 120
4. 125
5. 130

Explanation: Ms. Mamata Banerjee will present Nazrul awards to eminent personalities of different fields. The day is also being observed at Churulia in Burdwan District, the birth place of the poet.


 22) How much fiscal deficit target of GDP has been set by the Indian Government recently ? 

Ans : (3)
1. 2%
2. 2.9%
3. 3.9%
4. 4%
5. 5.9%

Explanation: The government has exuded confidence that it will contain the modest target of fiscal deficit at 3.9 per cent.


 23) Ashok kumarGuptha was appointed recently as the new Secretary of………..? 

Ans : (1)
1. Defence Production
2. Poultry Production
3. Industrial production
4. Agriculture Production
5. None

Explanation: Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta, 1981batch-Tamilnadu Cadre was special secretary in the Department of Defence Production. He took over as the new Secretary, (Defence Production), succeeding Shri G Mohan Kumar.


 24) At present newDefence Secretary appointed on 25th May’15 is …………..? 

Ans : (2)
1. R K Mathur
2. G Mohan Kumar
3. Ashok Kumar Gupta
4. G K agarwal
5. None of these

Explanation: Shri G Mohan Kumar took over as the new Defence Secretary, succeeding Shri RK Mathur, who laid down office on 24th May 15.


 25) Recently, in which country the World Education Forum was organised by UNESCO ?

 Ans : (4)
1. Germany
2. Japan
3. India
4. South Korea
5. Afghanisthan

Explanation: The significance of the WEF 2015 is in that it seeks to focus the efforts of the nations on access, equity and inclusion, quality and learning outcomes within a lifelong learning approach, which recognizes education as key to achieve development and poverty reduction.


26) 98.5% What percent coverage has Pradhanmantri Jan-DhanYojana (PMJDY) achieved in which state?

Ans : (3)
1. Gujarath
2. Bihar
3. Sikkim
4. Himachal Pradesh
5. Maharashtra

Explanation: The banks, in this small mountainous state with a meagre population of little over six lakhs, have been successful not only in opening new accounts but also in mobilizing handsome balance in the accounts so opened.

 27) India will soon sign an agreement with Bangladesh on which water sharing issue? 

Ans : (1)
1. Teesta
2. Veesta
3. Meesta
4. Threesta
5. Crusta

Explanation: It has been announced by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh that India and Bangladesh will soon sign an agreement on Teesta water sharing issue.


 28) Recently, which state government approved new sports policy that will give thrust to finding out talented sportsmen ? 

Ans : (3)
1. Madhya Pradesh
2. Uttar Pradesh
3. West Bengal
4. Delhi
5. Bihar

Explanation: The Government will create necessary infrastructure for promotion of sports besides training in Archery, Volleyball, Gymnastic and Swimming. The policy also announced reservation of Government jobs for talented sportsperson.


 29) Lt. gen Nirbhay Sharma was sworn in as the new Governor of which state recently? 

Ans : (2)
1. Manipur
2. Mizoram
3. Tripura
4. Nagaland
5. Sikkim

Explanation: Former Arunachal Pradesh Governor Lt.GenNirbhay Sharma was sworn in as the new Governor of Mizoram. Guwahati High Court Judge Justice T Vaiphei administered him the oath of office at a solemn ceremony in Raj BhawanDubar Hall attended by Chief Minister LalThanhawla and his cabinet colleagues.


 30) Who among the following cricketer was named as the International Cricketer of the Year 2015 recently?

Ans : (2)
1. KapilDev
2. Kumar Sangakkara
3. AjinkyaRahane
4. ViratKohli
5. Shikhardhawan

Explanation: He is the former Sri Lankan captain.

  31) CEAT Indian Cricketer of the Year 2015 is ………….?

 Ans : (4)
1. Rohit Sharma
2. ViratKohli
3. M S Dhoni
4. AjinkyaRahane
5. Sachin Tendulkar

Explanation: The CEAT awards honour the best of the cricketers based on their performances in international cricketing in all formats - Test, ODI and T20 - as rated by the CEAT Cricket ratings (CCR) for the year 2014 – 2015.


 32) Switzer land recently, in its official gazette , made public the names of how many Indian women with Swiss bank accounts? 

Ans : (2)
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5

Explanation: These names were among the scores of foreign national names that were made public so that they can be probed in their respective countries. The two Indians named in the gazette are SnehLataSawhney and SangitaSawhney. The country has provided only date of births of these two women.


 33) Recently, which state government has approved mandatory Global Positioning System (GPS) in all public transport vehicles from June 2015?

 Ans : (4)
1. Karnataka
2. Tamil Nadu
3. Odisha
4. Delhi
5. Bihar

Explanation: The decision was taken keeping in view the security and safety of commuters, especially women. The GPS devices will be available from Driving Licence Appointment and Payment System (DIMTS).


 34) At Present, The Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of state-run National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) is ……?

 Ans : (1)
1. Manoj Mishra
2. Abhay Singh
3. AkhandPratap Rudy
4. Vikranth Sharma
5. None of these

Explanation: He is currently serving as the Director (Finance) at State Trading Corporation (STC).


 35) According to the wage revision agreement signed between Bank unions and the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) recently, how much increase was in bank employees’ salary and allowances ?

 Ans : (3)
1. 5%
2. 8.9%
3. 15%
4. 23%
5. 30%

Explanation: The latest wage revision is effective from November 1, 2012. The Reserve Bank of India has given an in-principle approval to banks for allowing holidays on every second and fourth Saturdays of a month.


 36) Ireland became ……………….. country to give its approval to same-sex marriage by a popular voting process?

 Ans : (1)
1. 1st
2. 2nd
3. 3rd
4. 4th
5. 5th

Explanation: The Republic of Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to legalise same-sex marriage in a historic referendum. More than 62% voted in favour of amending the country`s constitution to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.


 37) Andre Russell was chosen as the Player of the Tournament in IPL which season?

 Ans : (2)
1. 3
2. 8
3. 9
4. 4
5. 5

Explanation: Andre Russell of Kolkata Knight Riders has been chosen as the Player of the Tournament in IPL-8 season. Orange Cup awarded to David Warner of SunrisersHyderbad, Dwayne Bravo awarded with Purple cap and ShreyasIyer of D


 38) How many kilometers Highways were completed in the country, In the fiscal year 2014-15?

 Ans : (4)
1. 10459 km
2. 6512 km
3. 7980 km
4. 4410 km
5. 5000 Km

Explanation: Union Minister of State for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping P Radhakrishnan said that in the last fiscal 4,410 KM Highways were completed in the country. The Minister said that at present road works are being done at the rate of 12 KM per day and this will be roads to 30 KM per day soon.


 39) According to the researchers, by which year glaciers in the Everest region of the Himalayas can shrink at least 70 per cent ?

 Ans : (3)
1. 2050
2. 2029
3. 2100
4. 2190
5. 2200

Explanation: A team of researchers in Nepal, France and the Netherlands have found that the Everest glaciers can be very sensitive to future warming. They have predicted that sustained ice loss through the 21st century is likely. Joseph Shea, a glacier hydrologist at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development at Kathmandu, and leader of the study said that the signal of future glacier change in the region is clear. The glacier model used by Shea and his team shows that glacier volume could be reduced between 70 per cent and 99 percent by 2100.


 40) According to US Report, which country is termed as ‘haven’ for several Islamist terror groups?

 Ans : (3)
1. Afghanistan
2. Iraq
3. Pakistan
4. Somalia
5. Iran

Explanation: Independent US Congressional Research Service (CRS) on Pakistan in its latest report of 14th May also notes that Pakistan`s security services are seen by many independent analysts to be too willing to make distinctions between what they consider to be good and bad Islamist extremist groups, maintaining supportive relations with Afghan insurgents and anti-India militant groups operating from Pakistani territory. The periodic CRS report on Pakistan is not an official report of the United States Congress, but prepared by noted experts on the issue to keep the lawmakers informed about the current state of affairs in Pakistan.


 41) Punjab state was appreciated on global platform for exemplary campaign against ………… after World Health Organisation selected it for an award to be conferred on May 29 on the occasion of that Day 2015? 

Ans : (2)
1. Drugs
2. Tobacco
3. Wine
4. Whisky
5. None

Explanation: In one of its kind recognition received by any state of the country, the WHO on 27th May’’15 lauded the efforts of the state against use of tobacco. Punjab was the first state to impose complete ban on sale of loose Cigarettes, loose tobacco, flavoured and scented tobacco e-Cigarettes in the state.

 42) Among the following , name the state government that has decided to give special vehicle allowance to its employees with hearing and speech disability? 

Ans : (2)
1. Gujarat
2. Maharashtra
3. Karnataka
4. Odisha
5. Assom

Explanation: The government resolution of June 3, 2014 had decided to pay the special vehicle allowance to its employees belonging to the categories of blind, orthopaedically disabled and those affected by the back bone disabilities however, the GR did not include employees in the category of speech disabled employees.


 43) Dr. BirubalaRabha is the social activist who has been named for the ……….UpendraNath Brahma soldier of Humanity Award? 

Ans : (1)
1. 12th
2. 13th
3. 14th
4. 10th
5. 9th

Explanation: The award has been instituted by UpendraNath Brahma Trust (UNBT), in the name of Bodofa UN Brahma, former president of the All Bodo Students Union. DrBirubalaRabha, anti witch hunting activist has been chosen for 12th UN Brahma Soldier of Humanity Award, 2015, recognising her struggle against the blind belief and ill culture of the society.


 44) Upto 49% percent of the Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIS) and Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) can now invest in which among the following Infrastructure Projects Ltd? 

Ans : (2)
1. GMR
2. Gammon
3. Larsen & Toubro
4. Gujarath Refinery for IOCL
5. None

Explanation: The RBI in a statement issued on 27th May’15 said that the purchases could be made through primary market and stock exchanges. The board of Gammon has passed resolutions and the shareholders have passed a special resolution, agreeing for enhancing the limit for the purchase of its equity shares and convertible debentures by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)/RFPIs.


 45) In Assom the …………edition of North East Youth Festival was held from 29th to 31st May, 2015? 

Ans : (4)
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5

Explanation: The Festival is being organized by the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) on behalf of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.


 46) Among the following name the State’s forest department which has set up the satellite tracking system to check the forest fire incidents during summer season?

 Ans : (2)
1. Madhya Pradesh
2. Himachal Pradesh
3. Andhra Pradesh
4. Assam
5. Bihar

Explanation: The system was launched with an aim to preserve the precious forest fire incidents during summer season. In case of any fire incident, the forest officials will immediately receive SMS on their mobiles.


 47) Name the person, Who has become the first transgender principal of Women`s College in India? 

Ans : (1)
1. ManabiBandopadhyay
2. ShabnamMausi
3. Simran Sheikh
4. ShikhaDevan
5. None of these

Explanation: On 26th May 2015 ManabiBandopadhyay became the first transgender principal of Krishnagar Women`s College in Nadia district, West Bengal. She will join her new job from 9 June 2015.


 48) According to the Forbes list of World’s 100 Most Powerful Women of 2015, recently, who has been chosen as the world’s most powerful woman?

 Ans : (3)
1. Hillary Clinton
2. Melinda Gates
3. Angela Merkel
4. Oprah Winfrey
5. None

Explanation: The world’s most powerful woman in the list is German Chancellor Angela Merkel who fetched the first spot. This year’s top 10 women are: Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton followed by Melinda Gates, Janet Yellen, Mary Barra, Christine Lagarde, DilmaRousseff, Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Wojcicki and Michelle Obama.


 49) USESCO’s Press freedom Prize was won by ………………..? 

Ans : (1)
1. Hawkin vin
2. Central Stung
3. MazenDarwish
4. Stephen stern
5. Sunney gosh

Explanation: The UN`s cultural body on 2nd May awarded its annual press freedom prize to MazenDarwish, a Syrian journalist and rights activist who has been jailed by the regime for more than three years. Darwish was arrested on February 16, 2012 along with Hani Zaitani and Hussein Ghreir, his colleagues at the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression. They are accused of "promoting terrorist acts".Darwish is one of the founders of, an independent news site banned by Syrian authorities in 2006 -- a move he said at the time was part of the state`s "repression which targets free expression and democratic activists".UNESCO awarded its prize to Darwish "in recognition of the work that he has carried out in Syria for more than 10 years at great personal sacrifice, enduring a travel ban, harassment, as well as repeated detention and torture."


 50) PEN literary prize was won by ………………..? 

Ans : (1)
1. Charlie Hebdo
2. Gotswana
3. Hundestard
4. Mc Stephen
5. Stuart

Explanation: The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has received a controversial freedom of speech award at the PEN Literary Gala in New York on on 6th May