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 1)For How many months , the government blocked foreign fundings to Greenpeace India by suspending its registration?

 Ans : (3)
1. One
2. Two
3. Six
4. Ten
5. Twelve


Explanation: The decision was taken by the Home Ministry on 9th Apr`15 after it was found that the NGO has prejudicially affected the public interests and economic interests of the country in violation of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. According to the show cause notice served by the ministry, the licence of Greenpeace India will be cancelled permanently if it fails to make a satisfactory presentation to the government


 2) Which Missile was successfully test-fired by our country from a ship off the Odisha coast , On 9th Apr`15?

Ans : (1)
1. Dhanush
2. Prithvi-VI
3. Agni-VII
4. Pinaka
5. Asthra


Explanation: It is a naval variant of Prithvi-II, was launched by personnel of the Strategic Forces Command from an Offshore Patrolling Vessel. Dhanush, a manoeuvring missile, can carry a nuclear payload of 500 kg and target both land-based and sea-based targets. The missile has already been inducted into the armed forces.

 3)By how much percent the roaming calls will be cheaper , as the TRAI has slashed ceiling tariffs for national roaming calls and SMS ? 

Ans : (4)
1. 60%
2. 75%
3. 18%
4. 23%
5. 30%


Explanation: Roaming calls will be cheaper by up to 23 per cent, while sending SMSs will cost up to 75 per cent less from 1st May. In a statement, TRAI said that it has cut the maximum or ceiling rate that a telecom operator can charge for STD calls on roaming to Rs 1.15 per minute from Rs 1.50. Similarly, national SMS rate has been reduced to 38 paise from Rs 1.05 per SMS.


 4)Name the vegetable , For which the government slashed the minimum export price by USD 50 per tonne to USD 250 for encouraging exports of the commodity? 

Ans : (2)
1. Potato
2. Onion
3. Tomato
4. Cauliflower
5. Cabbage


Explanation: Earlier the minimum export price was USD 300 per tonne. Directorate General of Foreign Trade has issued a notification in this regard. India produces around 17-18 million tonnes of onion a year. The country exported 13.58 lakh tonnes of onion in 2013-14.


 5)NasimZaidi has been appointed as the ……………………… from 19th Apr`15? 

Ans : (1)
1. Chief Election Commissioner
2. Chief Army Commissioner
3. Chief Police Commissioner
4. Chief Navy Commissioner
5. Chief Secretary of India


Explanation:The President has appointed the senior-most Election Commissioner, Dr. NasimZaidi as the Chief Election Commissioner. A 1976 batch IAS officer, DrZaidi has worked in the Civil Aviation Ministry for a long time. The incumbent Chief Election Commissioner Harishankar Brahma will demit the office on the 18th of this month.


 6)UNESCO observed ……………… percent reduction in Out of School Children of India? 

Ans : (1)
1. 90%
2. 79%
3. 55%
4. 49%
5. 50%


Explanation: India has made a significant progress in increasing the net ratio of children in primary education globally. UNESCO`s 2015 Education for All, EFA global Monitoring Report, which was released by Minister of Human Resource Development on 9th Apr`15. Globally, just one third of countries have achieved all of the measurable Education for All goals set in 2000. While releasing the report, HRD Minister SmritiIrani said that India has successfully moved toward reaching the EFA goals especially backed by the Right of Children to free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009. The one measurable EFA goal India did not reach was to reduced its adult illiteracy by 50 percent. Since 2000 India has reduced its adult illiteracy rate by 26 percent.


 7 Canada carried out its first air strikes in which country, as part of the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants? 

Ans : (2)
1. Pakistan
2. Syria
3. Zambia
4. Ukraine
5. Iran


Explanation: Two Canadian CF-18s successfully targeted an Islamic State (IS) garrison near Raqqa, Syria. In March the Canadian Parliament agreed to expand the country`s campaign against IS into Syria. Canadian air strikes against IS were previously limited to Iraq. Canada is the first NATO country, other than the US, to strike inside Syria. Canada`s mission against IS has also been extended for one year, beyond October`s election and well into 2016.


 8)Which country is planning to build a 540-kilometre strategic high-speed rail link between Tibet and Nepal passing through a tunnel under Mount Everest? 

Ans : (3)
1. Myanmar
2. India
3. China
4. Japan
5. USA


Explanation: State-run China Daily reported that a proposed extension of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to the China-Nepal border through Tibet would boost bilateral trade and tourism as there is currently no rail line linking the two countries. The rail line is expected to be completed by 2020. The 1,956-km long Qinghai-Tibet railway already links the rest of China with the Tibetan capital Lhasa and beyond.


 9)Jayakanthan was the Jnanpith awarded writer died in Chennai on 8th Apr`15 after a prolonged illness. He was the writer of which language? 

Ans : (2)
5. Assamee


Explanation: Jayakanthan authored over 35 novels and novellas, innumerable short stories and two autobiographies besides writing articles and composing poems.


 10) Navinsinha has been appointed as the Chief Justice of which High Court? 

Ans : (2)
1. Jharkhand
2. Chhattisgarh
3. Assam
4. Odisha
5. Telengana


Explanation: :- On 9th April`15 Justice NavinSinha sworn-in as Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court. Governor Balramji Das Tandon administered the oath of office to Mr. Sinha at Rajbhawan today. Till now Justice Sinha was the acting Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh


 11) Which Aircraft which would be procured from France by India? 

Ans : (2)
1. Mig-25
4. Mirage 25


Explanation: India has agreed to buy 36 multi-role Combat Aircraft in a flyaway condition as soon as possible. The two countries also agreed on setting up of six units of nuclear power plants totaling 1650 MW at Jaitpur in Maharashtra


 12) Francois hollande is the present President of which country? 

Ans : (3)
1. Thailand
2. Malaysia
3. France
4. Zambia
5. Syria


Explanation: François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande is a Frenchpolitician. He is the 24th and current President of France, since 2012. Hollande was previously the First Secretary of the French Socialist Party from 1997 to 2008


 13) On which day was the National Safe Motherhood Day was observed ? 

Ans : (4)
1.10th April
2.14th April
3.10th May
4.11th April


Explanation: The objective of the day is to create awareness on proper healthcare and maternity facilities to pregnant and lactating women.


 14)Who was the Former Chief of Air Staff who was passed recently on 11thapril 2015 , who was known as the best in the Indian Air Force and was chosen to lead the fly past on our First Independence Day.? 

Ans : (3)
1. RishishMavlankar
2. Ajay P Chauhan
3. HrushikeshMoolgavkar
4. Hrithaymalhotra
5. None of these


Explanation: Air Chief Marshal HrushikeshMoolgavkar was commissioned in the Royal Indian Air Force on 30 Nov 1940. He served in the Indian Air Force for 38 Years during which he fought bravely against the Japanese Army in 1941. He also became the first Indian pilot among a group of three pilots to fly faster than sound or crossing the sound barrier.

 15) Richie Benaud was passed away on 10th April` 15 . He was the former captain of which country? 

Ans : (1)
1. Zimbabwe
2. West Indies
3. Australia
4. South Africa
5. New zealand


Explanation: He was a leg-spinning all-rounder and made his first-class debut for New South Wales at the age of 18 before making his national debut at 21.


 16)What is the title of the Festival of the North East organized by Government of Meghalaya recently? 

Ans : (1)
1.Songs and Dances of North East
2.Cultural Beauty of North East
3.Dances of North East
4.Cultural Diversity in North East
5.Cultural Dances of Unity in North East & west


Explanation:The President of India, ShriPranab Mukherjee will inaugurate a cultural festival and was sponsored by the North Eastern Council in New Delhi on April 11, 2015This initiative is one of the outcomes of the recommendations of the M.P. Bezbaruah Committee on the North East, set up by the Ministry of Home Affairs to work out modalities for building a strong social bond between the people of North East and the rest of the country.


 17)Which scheme was suspended by Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) from April 2015? 

Ans : (3)
1.Peasant Pension Scheme
2. Compensation Scheme
3. Minimum Monthly Pension Scheme
4. Minimum Compensation scheme
5. All of these


Explanation: The scheme was launched with effect from September 2014, hiking the pension amount to a flat Rs 1,000 per month for those who were getting lower amount earlier. This decision will hit about 32 lakh Pensioners.


 18) Thane is the Indian city named as the National Earth Hour Capital for the year 2015 by World Wide Fund. Thane is in which state? 

Ans : (1)
1. Maharashtra
2. Madhya Pradesh
3. Odisha
4. Gujarath
5. Bihar


Explanation: Thane city won the bid among the three finalists Thane, Pune and Rajkot in the Earth Hour City Challenge (EHCC) 2015 conducted by World Wide Fund. Meanwhile, total 13 cities had been participated in the 2015 Earth Hour Challenge.Thane city won the bid among the three finalists Thane, Pune and Rajkot in the Earth Hour City Challenge (EHCC) 2015 conducted by World Wide Fund. Meanwhile, total 13 cities had been participated in the 2015 Earth Hour Challenge.


 19)Which city was awarded as the title of Global Earth hour Capital 2015? 

Ans : (2)
1. Beijing
2. Tokyo
3. Thane
4. Seoul
5. Paris


Explanation: It was awarded as Global earth Hour capital after it won the Earth Hour City Challenge (EHCC) of World Wildlife Fund on 9th Apr`15Total 163 cities from 16 countries participated. The city of Balikpapan, Indonesia was recognized as the Most Loveable City for 2015 and Thane city was named as the National Earth Hour Capital 2015 of India.


 20) Recently, which Gas is used as a method of execution, as the state legislature of Oklahoma passed a bill?

Ans : (2)
1. Sarin
2. Nitrogen
3. Chlorine
4. Cyanide
5. Phosphorus


Explanation: Nitrogen Gas (Nitrogen-induced Hypoxia). The Nitrogen gas chambers will become the primary backup method for execution for Oklahoma.


  21) Who is the author of the Suleiman Charitra- Sanskrit book?

 Ans : (1)
1. KalyanaMalla
2. A.N.D Haskar
3. Sacchidanada
4. AkhtarulWasey
5. Akulsrivastava


Explanation: KalyanaMalla also wrote the AnangaRanga in 15th or 16th Century. The Suleiman Charitra book has been translated from Sanskrit to English by diplomat-writer A.N.D. Haskar.

 22) What was the title of the painting, that was presented by the prime minister Narendramodi to the President of France ? 

Ans : (2)
1. Speaking Tree
2. India-France Ties
3. Zee Entertainment
4. Together, We can do
5. One and all


Explanation: Prime Minister NarendraModi, who winds up his first visit to France, gifted President Francois Hollande a painting which reflects the traditional societal respect for nature in India . The painting, pigments on silk, has been done by an artist, BhaskarMahapatra of Raghurajpur in Puri district of Odisha. The message behind gifting it seemed to be the emphasis on sustenance of life and clean environment ahead of the global meet on climate change that France will be hosting in December this year. The tree, as a divine gift central to human life, is a recurring element in Indian artistic practice.


 23)In India, Now whose permission would be required by Governors to leave the station? 

Ans : (2)
1. Prime Minister
2. President
3. Intelligence Chief
4. Chief Minister
5. None


Explanation: The new 18-point set of rules notified by Home Ministry said Governors will have to stay in their respective states for at least 292 days in a year. The requests for permission to travel outside the state will have to be sent to RashtrapatiBhavan anywhere between one week and six weeks before the date of travel.


 24) The 60th National Level Railway Week Award Function 2015 will be inaugurated in which city? 

Ans : (4)
1. Bengaluru
2. Hyderabad
3. New Delhi
4. Guwahati
5. Pune


Explanation: The event is an annual function held every year during the month of April.

 25) Malajkhand Expansion Project in Balaghat district is related to Metal Mine. This is in which state? 

Ans : (1)
1.Madhya Pradesh


Explanation: Malajkhand Expansion Project will be largest underground base metal mine of the country. whose foundation stone is laid on 12th April`15 by the Union Minister for Mines and Steel . Five lakh ton iron ore will be extracted every year from the mine.

26)Name the country that has banned hospitals from providing medical aid and diagnoses online? 

Ans : (3)


Explanation: The aim is to prevent people unqualified in medicine from posing as doctors. Chinese patients are accustomed to seeking medical advice on the Internet, which is widely popular in the country.


 27)Which among the following is the name of the first phase of operation for cleaning river in Jammu & Kashmir recently? 

Ans : (2)
1. Clean Jhelum
2. ChukaLhyakhmo
3. Clean Kashmir
4. Saafkarado Jhelum
5. None of these


Explanation: ChukaLhyakhmo stands for Clean River. Operation ChukaLhyakhmo, is an initiative of District Police Kargil in collaboration with District Administration aiming to clean river Suru and make people aware about the importance and relevance of a neat and clean Suru River.


 28)Name the city where the India`s first International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) has become operational? 

Ans : (4)
1. Kolkata
2. Mumbai
3. Pune
4. Gandhi Nagar
5. Hyderabad


Explanation: IFSC has become operational at GIFT City in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. IFSC rules allow companies incorporated outside India to raise money in foreign currencies by issuance and listing of their equity shares on stock exchanges within the IFSC, where individual and institutional investors from India and abroad including NRIs, would be allowed to trade.


 29)Indian Hockey Team achieved ………….. position in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup? 

Ans : (1)
1. Third
2. Fifth
3. Second
4. Fourth
5. First


Explanation:India produced a spirited performance to beat Korea in the penalty shoot-out to finish a creditable third in the 24th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament. With this India won the Bronze Medal.


 30)The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Hockey Tournament was achieved by which country? 

Ans : (2)
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Pakistan
4. Netherland
5. Zimbabwe


Explanation: In the final match, New Zealand defeated Australia.

 31) Which player has created history by becoming the first female tennis player from India to achieve the world number one rank in doubles,? 

Ans : (3)
1. Natasha Palha
2. SanaaBhambri
3. SaniaMirza
4. AnkitaRaina
5. None


Explanation: Sania following her stupendous title win at the WTA Family Circle Cup with partner Martina Hingis in the United States on 12th Apr`15,; The top-seeded Indo-Swiss pair blew away the challenge of Casey Dellacqua and DarijaJurak in the final match. Sania is also first female player from the country to win Grand Slam tournaments. It is Sania`s third successive title win with Hingis and they have not lost as a single match since joining forces in March. Before Sania, only Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhuapthi had achieved the top rank when they dominated men`s doubles circuit in the last 90s.


 32)Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Formula One (F1) Grand Prix for 2015 held on 12 April 2015 at ………….? 

Ans : (1)
1. Shanghai
2. Dubai
3. Qatar
4. Saudi
5. Jakartha


Explanation: Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, is a British Formula One racing driver from England, currently racing for the Mercedes AMG team. He is the 2008 and 2014 Formula One World Champion


 33) In which year in the history of India the Jallianwalabagh massacre took place? 

Ans : (3)
1. 1905
2. 1947
3. 1885
4. 1919
5. 1920


Explanation: On 13th April the nation is paying homage to the hundreds of non violent protestors who were gunned down by the British government at JallianwalaBagh in Amritsar . The army fired on the crowd on the orders of British Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer, killing hundreds in the cold blood .That was also the day of Baisakhi.


 34) Air Pegasus is the Indian regional airline based in which city , with its hub at Kempegowda international Airport commenced operations on 12th Apr`15? 

Ans : (1)
1. Bengaluru
2. Hyderabad
3. Thiruchhi
4. Mumbai
5. None


Explanation: The airline, subsidiary of Bangalore based Decor Aviation, commenced operation on 12 April 2015 with inaugural flight between Bangalore and Hubli. Initially it is going to serve 3 southern cities (Bangalore, Hubli and Thiruvananthapuram) with a fleet of ATR 72-500.


 35)Arun Kumar Jha has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of …………….? 

Ans : (2)
1. Vimal Textiles
2. Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC)
3. Raymond Suitings&shirtings
4. APCO Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Textiles
5. Co-optex


Explanation: He is currently working as Director General, National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development under the MSME Ministry.

  36) Whom among the following is the Nobel Laureate whose name has been given to `316201 Asteroid` by astronomers at NASA`s Jet Propulsion Lab in California? 

Ans : (1)
1. MalalaYousafzai
2. KailashSatyarthi
3. AmartyaSen
4. Albert Einstein
5. None


Explanation: The Asteroid named `316201 Malala` is located in the Main Belt between Mars and Jupiter. It orbits around the Sun every 5.5 years and is more-than 2 mile wide.


 37) …………. Birth anniversary of DrBhimraoRamjiAmbedkar was observed on 14th April` 15? 

Ans : (2)
2. 124
3. 123
4. 125
5. 126


Explanation: :- He was born on April 14, 1891 at Mhow in Madhya Pradesh. BR Ambedkar is also known as the Father of the Indian Constitution.


 38) Name the commission that has been brought by the government into force along with a constitutional amendment act to appoint members to the higher judiciary replacing the collegium system on 13thapril 2015?

Ans : (2)
1.National Collegium Commission
2.National Judicial Appointments Commission
3.Judicial Collegiums Commisssion
4.Judicial Commission


Explanation: The NJAC membership will include two senior most Judges of the Supreme Court, the Union Minister of Law and Justice, two eminent persons to be nominated by a committee of the Prime Minister of India, the Chief Justice of India, and the Leader of the Opposition in the House of the People. However, the new body may take some time to come into being.


 39)The Nobel laureate Guenter Grass passed away in Berlin. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature. He belongs to …………..? 

Ans : (2)
1. France
2. Germany
3. Britain
4. USA
5. Austarlia


Explanation: He made his literary reputation with "The Tin Drum," published in 1959. Three decades after its release, in 1999, the Swedish Academy honored Grass with the Nobel Prize for literature, praising him for setting out to revive German literature after the Nazi era.


 40)IMF-World Bank Spring meetings is scheduled to be held in ………………….. city? 

Ans : (4)


Explanation: Finance Minister, RBI Governor and other senior officials of the Finance Ministry and the Reserve Bank will participate in the meeting which is likely to focus on the steps needed to give a push to the global economy. International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde had described the India as a `growth bright spot` during her visit last month.


 41) World`s first Selfie museum opened on 13th Apr`15 in ………………? 

Ans : (2)
1. Mumbai
2. Manilla
3. London
4. New York
5. France


Explanation: 8th March is also celebrated as International Women`s Day. Hence this day would be celebrated as Safe Motherhood Day.


 42)The `PohelaBoisakh` the first day of the Bengali new year is celebrated in which country with traditional festivity and gaiety on 14th Apr`15? 

Ans : (3)
1. India
2. Pakistan
3. Bangladesh
4. Nepal
5. Myanmar


Explanation: True to centuries-old tradition people from all walks of life in colourful costumes thronged the historic Ramna park at dawn in the capital and other historic spots elsewhere in the country to hail the new year with hopes and aspirations.

 43)…………… the author of the book `My little Epiphanies`?

 Ans : (1)
1. Late Ms. Aisha Chaudhary
2. ChetanBhagat
3. Salman Roushdie
4. Arundhati Roy
5. None


Explanation: Late Ms. Aisha Chaudhary (1996-2015) was born with SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency) and underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant when she was 6 months old. Since 2014, spending almost all her time living on bed, Aisha wrote down her thoughts to get some relief, to get them out of her head. In this book, she takes a hard look at her own feelings and what it was that gave her a sense of hope and control. This book gave her life purpose and meaning, something to hold on to. Through the book she wanted the world to understand her unusual life and hoped that it would inspire others going through similar hardships to find peace.


 44)Name the state government that has decided to give status of State Cabinet Minister to Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev? 

Ans : (4)
1. Rajasthan
2. Uttar Pradesh
3. Gujarat
4. Haryana
5. Punjab


Explanation: He is also a brand ambassador to promote yoga and ayurveda.


 45) Indian Prime Minister visited Canada After how many years? 

Ans : (3)
1. 20
2. 15
3. 42
4. 50
5. 55


Explanation: PM NarendraModi`s trip to Canada will be the first bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister in 42 years. The Prime Minister will meet his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper in Ottawa to advance prospects of a free trade deal.

 46) The new name to `Visa on Arrival Scheme` is ……………………….?

 Ans : (1)
1. e-Tourist Visa
2. Arrival Scheme
3. Tourism Package
4. Smart Visa
5. None


Explanation: It has been observed that the current name of the scheme is creating confusion among tourists and they presumed as if the Visa is being granted on arrival. However, at present the system of pre-authorization of Visa to foreigners is being given prior to travel. According to Home Ministry, they had also received the requests of name change from some Indian embassies.

 47) The VividhBharti Service of Delhi inaugurated on 14th Apr`15, On which Mode? 

Ans : (2)
1. FM Mode
2. AM Mode
3. MW Mode
4. TW Mode
5. All of these


Explanation: The service will be available on 100.1 Megahertz frequency. In recent times, there has been a demand for VividhBharti to be available on FM mode so that listeners can enjoy the programmes without any hitch. In fact, Medium Wave has its own shortcomings, whereas FM has clearer quality and is available on mobiles as well.


48)Which country agreed with Ukraine on withdrawal of smaller caliber arms as part of a fresh push to end the region`s yearlong conflict? 

Ans : (1)
1. Russia
2. Afghanisthan
3. France
4. USA
5. None


Explanation: The two countries met their French and German counterparts in Berlin and agreed to support international monitors and establish four working groups to address the most pressing issues faced by people in the embattled region, where Russian-backed separatists are fighting Ukrainian government forces.The meeting took place on 13th Apr`15 amid fresh clashes in the Donetsk area


49) How much growth rate of India has been observed by the World Bank for the year 2017? 

Ans : (3)
1. 9%
2. 9.5%
3. 8%
4. 8.5%
5. 9.0%


Explanation: The World Bank has predicted 8 per cent GDP growth rate of India by 2017 and said that a strong expansion in the country, coupled with favorable oil prices, would accelerate the economic growth in South Asia. The bank in its semi-annual report said, in India, GDP growth is expected to accelerate to 7.5 percent in fiscal year 2015 -16 and India`s economic growth could reach 8 per cent in fiscal year 2017-18, on the back of significant acceleration of investment growth to 12 per cent during 2016 to 2018.


 50) Among the following , Which e-commerce company decided to not be a part of the new Airtel Zero platform that was attacked for allowing users to access partner applications without any charges for data? 

Ans : (2)
1. Amazon
2. Flipkart
3. Snapdeal
4. PayTm
5. None


Explanation: Flipkart took the decision following a massive public campaign to support net neutrality in India. CEO of Flipkart said that Airtel could have compromised net neutrality in the future and company will not take part in any deal that jeopardises internet freedom.