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 1)   The person selected for the VK Krishna Menon Award in recognition of his outstanding professional and altruistic achievements, contributions and services to the community and wider multicultural society is ……………………..?

 Ans : (4)
1. Robert listein
2. Daniel Watson
3. Jimmy Jackson
4. Benni Joseph Mavelil
5. Usnoy Mentrol

Explanation: At present Benni Joseph Mavelil is a registered Manager and Director for the Ideal Fostering in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is originally from Koodalloor, Kerala and has been living and working in the UK for over a decade. The VK Krishna Menon award is given to outstanding Indian patriots who served in the Diaspora and have been distinguished in various fields including science, literature, business, politics, diplomacy and philanthropy.


 2) Now the Ayurveda brand ambassador of Kerala is …………..?

 Ans : (1)
1. Steffi Graff
2. Sania Mirza
3. Saina Nehwal
4. P J sindhu
5. Koneru Hampi

Explanation: An agreement in this regard was reached between the state’s tourism department and former World number one tennis player of Germany, who had bagged 22 Grand slam single titles, which is second only to 24 singles titles won by Margaret Court of Australia.


 3) Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Prani Udyan is the new name of which zoo? 

Ans : (2)
1. Chennai zoo
2. Lucknow zoo
3. Hyderabad zoo
4. Bangalore zoo
5. Mumbai zoo

Explanation: Lucknow Zoo established in 1921 and named after England’s Prince of Wales as Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens was renamed as Lucknow Prani Udyan on 4 June 2001. Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was the last Nawab of Oudh under whom the province was annexed by the British under the policy of Doctrine of Lapse in 1856. Later, Shah was exiled to Matia Birj in Bengal.


 4) Recently, ……………….. state government declared the Blue Mormon (Papilio polymnestor) as the State butterfly? 

Ans : (3)
1. Odisha
2. Assom
3. Maharashtra
4. Madhy aPradesh
5. Gujarath

Explanation: With this, Maharashtra became India’s first state to have a State butterfly. Blue Mormom is the second largest butterfly found in India after the southern birdwing.


 5) World Railway Championship 2015 in Tennis and Volleyball was won by which team?

 Ans : (1)
1. Indian Railway Team
2. France Railway Team
3. Germany Railway Team
4. Russia Railway Team
5. None

Explanation: In the Tennis (World Railways) Championship 2015, Indian Railway Team defeated France by a margin of 3-1 in the finals and won USIC Tennis Championship 2015 held at Nuremberg, Germany from 31 May 2015 to 6 June 2015. In the Volleyball (World Railways) Championship 2015, Indian Railway Team defeated Russian team and won USIC Volleyball Championship 2015 held at Gomel, Belarus from 10 June 2015 to 17 June 2015.


6) Justice Subhro Kamal Mukherjee has been appointed as Chief Justice of which High Court? 

Ans : (4)
1. Kerala
2. Andhra Pradesh
3. Telengana
4. Karnataka
5. Tamil Nadu

Explanation: In exercise of the powers conferred by article 223 of the Constitution of India, the President appointed Shri Justice Subhro Kamal Mukherjee, senior-most Judge of the Karnataka High Court, to perform the duties of the office of the Chief Justice of that High Court with effect from the date Shri Justice Dhirendra Hiralal Waghela relinquishes charge of the office of the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court.

 7) Indian automobile company that became the only Indian brand among the top five passenger vehicle company in India is …………? 

Ans : (3)
1. Tata Motors
2. Mahindra & Mahindra
3. Ford India
4. Hindustan Motors
5. None

Explanation: As per the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the top five passenger vehicle companies in India by sale are Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra, Honda and Toyota.


 8) What was the Birth place of the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan? 

Ans : (1)
1. Chhapra
2. Bhagalpur
3. Patna
4. Deoria
5. None

Explanation: The Union Cabinet approved the setting up of a National Memorial at the birth place of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan . The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on 24th June’15 gave its approval to the proposal of the Ministry of Culture for setting up of a National Memorial at Lala Ka Tola, Sitab, Diara, District Chhapra (Saran) in Bihar - the birth place of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan.


 9) Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi recently proposed how much hike for education sector in budgetary allocation? 

Ans : (1)
1. 106%
2. 90%
3. 56%
4. 120%
5. 190%

Explanation: A total of 9836 crore rupees have been proposed for education in the current financial year.


 10) The ……………..anniversary of the national emergency was marked on 25th June? 

Ans : (2)
1. 39th
2. 40th
3. 43rd
4. 44th
5. 13th

Explanation: The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency on the midnight of June 25th, 1975. Civil liberties were suspended and lakhs of people were put behind the bar across the country. Media was also censored. It is considered as the darkest period in the post-independence era.

 11) Sri Sri ravi sankar who has been honoured with which country’s highest civilian award Orden de la Democracia Simon Bolivar en el Grado de Cruz Caballero? 

Ans : (3)
1. Cambodia
2. USA
3. Columbia
4. Zambia
5. Norway

Explanation: The award has been given in recognition to the spiritual leader’s contribution in spreading the message of peace in society, inter-mediation in war, reducing stress and combating violence through yoga and breathing exercises.


 12) In National capital region Civil Aviation Ministry recently, cleared a proposal for setting up a ………….? 

Ans : (4)
1. Busway
2. Railway Track
3. Railway Station
4. Airport
5. Helipad

Explanation: The proposal, cleared by the Ministry, would soon be sent to the Cabinet for its approval. For the new project, the Government would be required to amend certain regulations as existing rules do not allow a second airport within a 150 kilometer radius of an existing one, unless the latter is functioning beyond its operational capacity. GMR Group, which operates the Indira Gandhi International Airport Ltd in New Delhi, would be preferred for developing the proposed airport.


13) Bobby zindal is the Indian-American who has announced his candidature for the 2016 US Presidential elections, making him as the which number Republican aspirant of the White House? 

Ans : (3)
1. 11th
2. 12th
3. 13th
4. 14th
5. 15th

Explanation: Bobby Jindal is the first Indian-American ever to enter the race of US Presidential election. He is the first Indian American to have been elected as a Governor of a US State. A two-term Governor from Louisiana, Jindal is the vice chairman of the powerful Republican Governors Association.


 14) India will set up an Emergency Ambulance Health Protection Service with 50-crore rupee assistance in ………… country? 

Ans : (2)
1. Pakistan
2. Srilanka
3. Bhutan
4. Nepal
5. Bangladesh

Explanation: In the first phase India will be giving 88 Ambulances which will be deployed in Western and Southern provinces, he added. A total of 297 ambulances will be given by India to Sri Lanka and 2 thousand health workers will be trained for providing emergency health services.


 15) Which country with USA launched a joint initiative to protect the oceans? 

Ans : (1)
1. China
2. Japan
3. Turkey
4. Indonesia
5. India

Explanation: US Secretary of State John Kerry and State Councillor Yang Jeichi chaired the first meeting of a new oceans working group in Washington on 24th June’15 on the third and final day of key annual talks between Beijing and Washington.


16) 31st Dec ‘ 15 is now the last date announced by the Reserve bank to exchange bank note of prior which year? Ans : (1)
1. 200
2. 300
3. 400
4. 500
5. 100

Explanation: Reserve Bank of India in December 2014 set the last date for public to exchange these notes as June 30, 2015.

 17) Sachin tendulkar has been voted as the `Best Test player` of the 21st century in an online poll conducted by which country’s Cricket website? 

Ans : (3)
1. South Africa
2. England
3. Australia
4. India
5. Srilanka

Explanation: The former Indian skipper got the highest number of votes to emerge on top of the list of the 100 best Test players since 2000, in a poll conducted by the website. Sri Lanka`s Kumar Sangakkara received the second highest votes, followed by Adam Gilchrist of Australia in the third position.


18) The new President of the International Cricket Council (ICC) on 24th June’15 for a one year term is ………………..? 

Ans : (1)
1. Zaheer Abbas
2. S Srinivasan
3. Andy Flower
4. Ian Chappel
5. Ravi Shastri

Explanation: He is the Former Pakistan captain. The decision was taken on 24th June’15 during the third day of the ICC Annual Conference week in Barbados. From 1969 to 1985, Zaheer played 78 Tests for Pakistan in which he scored 5,062 runs, while in his 62 ODIs, he made 2,572 runs. With 108 centuries, Zaheer is the only Asian batsman to score a century of first-class centuries as he finished his 22-year career with 34,843 runs.


 19) Pharma Price Data Bank is the integrated Pharmaceutical Database Management System, managed and operated by National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) launched on 25th June 2015. This is …………… bank in Pharma industry 

Ans : (1)
1. 1st
2. 2nd
3. 3rd
4. 4th
5. 5th

Explanation: This is the first data bank of Pharma industry that will help the manufacturers, regulator as well as the common masses. Now manufacturers can fill their mandatory forms online, the Government and NPPA can have comprehensive data, and consumers can benefit by having full information about the medicines.


20) On 25th June the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) observed the …………. Commemoration Day of Rescuers Day”? 

Ans : (2)
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5

Explanation: The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) observed the “2nd Commemoration Day of Rescuers Day” to pay homage to the NDRF personnel who were martyred during Rescue Operations in Kedarnath two years ago.

  21) The one-day International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction (ICNR) was concluded on 25th June’15 at ………… place?

 Ans : (3)
1. Geneva
2. New Delhi
3. Khathmandu
4. Dhaka
5. Tokyo

Explanation: The Conference was organised by the Government of Nepal to raise funds for carrying out rebuilding of areas devastated by the April 25 earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on Richter scale, which claimed nearly 9000 lives.


22) Recently, Australia announced that it will join the which country-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a founding member?

 Ans : (1)
1. China
2. India
3. Pakistan
4. Nepal
5. Bangladesh

Explanation: It will contribute 930 million Australian dollars (718.5million US dollars) as paid-in capital to the institution over five years and will be the sixth largest shareholder.

23) Anshula Kant is now the Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of which bank? 

Ans : (1)
1. State Bank of India
2. Canara Bank
3. Bank of Baroda
4. Reserve Bank
5. Axis bank

Explanation: She succeeded P K Gupta, who was promoted as Chief Executive Officer of SBI Capital.



24) Bihar, Tamilnadu and which other state have been requested by the Union government to encourage supply of free milk in the Mid Day Meal to school children? 

Ans : (2)
1. Telengana
2. Rajasthan
3. Maharashtra
4. Madhya Pradesh
5. Gujarath

Explanation: On 25 June 2015 Union Government requested the Chief Ministers of Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan to encourage supply of free milk in the Mid Day Meal to school children. The decision was made in a review meeting in which it was found that the State Milk Federations of these states have surplus stock of skimmed milk powder. At present, two states Karnataka (under project Ksheerabhagya started in 2012-13) and Madhya Pradesh provides free milk products to school children under the Mid Day Meal scheme.

 25) Name the region where the annual Hemis festival dedicated to the Guru Padmasambhava recently?

 Ans : (3)
1. Darjeeling
2. Leh
3. Ladakh
4. Daman
5. Lakshadweep

Explanation: Hemis festival is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. During this festive season, Lamas called `chhams,` perform masked dances and sacred plays to the accompaniment of cymbals, drums and long horns. The head lama presides over the function.