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 Regarding The Tips And Analysis For The Preparation As Per The Guidance Of Our Wisdom Team Members….

1). If The Preparation Is For One Year…Then Start Following C4 Formulae.

     C- Concept …. Read The Concepts In The Manner Of “WHAT Is WHAT” Under Perfection.

     C- Confidence…. Recall The Concepts Number Of Times Like “YOGI” Which Enrich Your Confidence.

     C- Command…. Now Start Doing Exercises …. Problems…. From Multiple Sources And Think “WHY IT IS     LIKE THIS…WHY NOT IN THE OTHER WAY”.

     C- Creation …. By The End You...Yourself Create The Shortcuts To Solve The Problems Which Make You To Reach Mantle Of Success……



2). Collect All The Relevant Books For The Subject. This Collection Must Include The Books For Fundamental And Basic Concepts As Well As For Specific Problems, Guide Book For GATE And Previous Year Question Papers.


3). Always Try To Go Through The Standard Books Which Are Easily Available And In Which You Can Easily Understand The Concepts. This Will Improve Your Learning Ability.  



 4).One Month Before The Examination You Should Start Revising The Course As Many Times As Possible So That On The Day Before The Exam You Will Be Prepared Enough To Crack The Exam.


5).In The Revision Stage Concentrate More On The Selected Topics.


6).Time Management Is Important But Not At The Cost Of Answering The Paper Accurately.


7).Always Try To Attempt Only Those Questions In Which You Are Pretty Confident And You Know The Answer Very Well.


8).Read The Questions Carefully And Apply Proper Logic Before Marking The Answer.


9).Always Avoid The Negative Marking.


10).Do Not Attempt Unnecessary Questions In Which You Are Not Confident Because That May Cost You Much.


11).Do Not Try To Get Hold Of The Entire Syllabus Prescribed By GATE. A Selective Preparation Would Be A Very Helpful Concept And Should Be Learned Accurately.


12).Memorization Of Any Problem Without A Clear Idea Of The Concept Will Be A Futile Exercise.


13) It Is Better To Have Flexible Time Plan Before Going To Exam And Have A Balance Of Mind. It Helps In Avoiding The Silly Mistakes