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03 October 2015 Current Affairs
Author : Sudhakar
Category : Economy Current Affairs
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03 October 2015 Current Affairs

03 October 2015 Current Affairs

 7)   China President made the announcement recently, to reduce its military personnel by how many lakh ?


 Ans : (3)

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5


Explanation: China will reduce its military personnel by three lakh. President Xi Jinping made the announcement at a massive military parade at Tiananmen Square to commemorate the 70th anniversary of China`s victory against Japan in the 2nd World War. He, however, did not give a timeframe for the plan. The Chinese President described the cut as a gesture of peace. China has presently more than 20 lakh military personnel.

8)   Which of the following cities has the highest number of dollar millionaires in Africa ?

 Ans : (1)

1. Johannesburg
2. Lagos
3. Cairo
4. Durban
5. None

Explanation:  According to a new report by AfrAsia Bank and New World Wealth , Johannesburg alone, known as the city of gold, is home to 23,400 millionaires. South Africa has 30 per cent of the total. Egypt`s Cairo comes second with 10,200, with Nigeria`s Lagos third with 9,100. The study defines millionaires as people with net assets worth at least one million dollars. It estimates there are close to 163,000 millionaires living in Africa, with a combined wealth of 670 billion dollars.

 7)   What is the rank of Indian Football team in FIFA rankings released recently ?


 Ans : (3)

1. 141
2. 156
3. 155
4. 124
5. 167

Explanation:  As per the latest FIFA rankings released on 3d Sep’15, Earlier in July, India had dropped 15 positions to 156th place after two successive defeats in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. India was recently held to a goalless draw by Nepal in an international friendly match in Pune. The Indian team will now take on Iran in a World Cup qualifier in Bengaluru on September 8.  

 7)   The Reserve Bank of India will shortly put into circulation of Rs.5 coins to commemorate golden jubilee of Indo-Pak War of ____ year ?


 Ans : (1)

1. 1965
2. 1970
3. 1955
4. 1945
5. 1934


Explanation:  RBI said in a release that the coins will be legal tender as provided in the Coinage Act 2011. Existing coins in this denomination will also continue to be legal tender. The new coin in the obverse will bear Lion Capital of Ashoka Pillar in the centre with Satyamev Jayate inscribed below it, the release said. On the reverse it will bear image of `Amar Jawan` monument along with the design of olive leaves branch on its left and right sides at the center, with the inscription "veerata aur balidan" in Devnagri script on the left upper periphery and "VALOUR AND SACRIFICE" in English on the right upper periphery. The year "2015" is written below the image of the monument. Also, "GOLDEN JUBILEE 1965 OPERATIONS" in English on the lower periphery will also be written on this face of the coin 



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