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02 October 2015 Current Affairs
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 7)   Indian People`s Natural Calamity Trust is ____ many-year-old trust that has been wound up by Government and its balance corpus fund of Rs 91 lakh transferred to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund ?


 Ans : (2)

1. 120
2. 115
3. 130
4. 145
5. 150


Explanation: The Indian People`s Natural Calamity Trust (IPNCT) was created by former Ruler of Jaipur in 1900 with an objective to provide relief to the people during famine. The Trust is being administered under the chairmanship of Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh with 27 nominated members and two officers. The Agriculture Ministry said in a release that since its last meeting held in August 1995, the Trust has no significant activity except giving donations through PM Relief Fund in case of natural disasters.


8)   ………………….country’s multi-spectral remote sensing satellite will be launched by India from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota ? 


Ans : (1)

1. Indonesia
2. Brazil
3. Argentina
4. Nepal
5. Srilanka


Explanation: India will launch a second multi-spectral remote sensing Indonesian satellite that will help the country to monitor land-use, natural resource and in disaster mitigation. The satellite will be shipped to India on 4th Sep’15. LAPAN A2 /Orari will function as a tool to monitor land usage, ship movements, sea resources and fishing explorations. The satellite will orbit the Earth along the equator with an altitude of 650 kilometers, and travel at 7.5 kilometers per second - enabling it to circle the Earth 14 times a day.

 7)   Name the person who took a class of students belonging to 11th & 12th to mark Teacher’s Day ?


 Ans : (2)

1. Narendra Modi
2. Pranab Mukherjee
3. Rahul Gandhi
4. Amitabh Bachchan
5. Shahrukh Khan


Explanation: Mr Mukherjee will hold a joint class of the students of Dr Rajendra Prasad Sarvodhya Vidhalaya school. The school is located in the Presidential Estate. He will also interact with students and teachers of the school.

 7)   Geeta is the deaf and mute Indian girl whose petition seeking her custody rejected by which Court on 3rd Sep’15 ? 


Ans : (2)

1. Srilanka
2. Pakistan
3. India
4. Indonesia
5. Bhutan


Explanation: A Pakistani court dismissed the petition filed by an Indian social worker seeking custody of a deaf and mute Indian girl Geeta, stuck in Pakistan for more than a decade. The court, refused to issue orders for her forced repatriation. A Social worker and lawyer from Haryana, had filed the petition in Sindh High Court to seek the custody of 23-year-old Geeta. Geeta has been stranded in Pakistan for the last 13 years after crossing over to Pakistan by mistake. She was arrested by Pakistan Rangers and then handed over to Edhi which has been taking care of her.