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 7)   The author of the book “Globalisation, Democratization and Distributive Justice” is …………….?


 Ans : (1)

1. Dr. Mool Chand Sharma
2. Durga Dayal
3. Devi Prasad Verma
4. Ravi dayal
5. None of these


Explanation: He is the Professor of Law at Delhi University and the Member of Law Commission of India.

 7)   The methodology proposed by RBI to make Base Rate sensitive to policy changes is ………….? 


Ans : (1)

1. Marginal cost of funds Methodology
2. Funds Methodology
3. Currency Methodology
4. All above
5. All of these


Explanation: The new methodology is aimed at bringing uniformity among Base Rate of banks so that they will be more sensitive to any changes in policy rates of the RBI like Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR), Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR), etc. At present, banks are following different methodologies in computing their Base Rate like on the basis of average cost of funds, marginal cost of funds or blended cost of funds (liabilities)

 7)   India agreed to increase bilateral trade by 60% in how many years with UAE ? 


Ans : (5)

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5

Explanation: The agreements were arrived at the 11th session of the India-UAE Joint Commission meeting held in New Delhi on 3rd Sep’15. The two sides also agreed to work for early establishment of the planned India-UAE Joint Fund for investments in the infrastructure sector in India. During the meeting, the two sides also signed MOUs on cooperation in the areas of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Tourism, Telecommunication and also between the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry.