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29 September 2015 Current Affairs
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 1)   Ministry of Railways has launched a paperless unreserved ticketing mobile application for the passengers between New Delhi to …….. 


Ans : (2)

1. Paleru
2. Palwal
3. Palamuuru
4. Peraram
5. Pune

Explanation:  Now the passengers can buy unreserved tickets through their smart phones and need not visit Stations to purchase tickets. Besides, the Railways has also installed a Cash or Smart Card ticket vending machine at New Delhi Railway Station to provide unreserved tickets with a view to cater to passenger rush. Now the passengers will have to download the unreserved ticketing mobile application from Google play or Window store to use the facility.

 1)   Which country has fallen into a recession, dragged down by falling energy prices and economic troubles in China ?


 Ans : (3)

1. USA
2. Venezuela
3. Canada
4. Brazil
5. UAE

Explanation: On 2nd Sep’15 Canada`s national statistical agency, Statistics Canada reported that the Canadian economy retreated at an annual pace of 0.5 per cent from April through June after sliding 0.8 percent the first three months of the year. Two consecutive negative quarters are the technical definition of a recession. Canada is the world`s 11th-biggest economy and the United States` biggest trading partner.

 1)   Forward Markets Commission market regulator will be merged with ………….. from 28th Sep’15 ?


 Ans : (1)

4. NIN
5. None

Explanation:  An official press release said, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, in his Budget speech, had announced the merger of FMC with the capital market regulator SEBI to strengthen the regulation of commodity futures market. A unified regulator for commodities and capital markets will help streamline monitoring of commodity futures trading and curb wild speculations.