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28 September 2015 Current Affairs
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 1)   Allahabad Court asked ____ government to ensure hoisting ceremony of National Flag on Independence Day and Republic Day in Madarsas and other schools all over the state ? 

      Ans : (1)

1. Uttar Pradesh
2. Tamil Nadu
3. Delhi
4. Madhya Pradesh
5. Maharashtra

Explanation:  On 2nd Sep’15 a bench comprising Chief Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Yashwant Verma passed the order on a PIL.

 1)   What policy has been approved by the cabinet recently for the development of hydrocarbon discoveries by national oil companies like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and Oil India ?

 Ans : (1)

1. Oil Extraction Policy
2. Marginal Field Policy
3. Conventional Source Policy
4. Earth Mining Policy
5. None

Explanation:  Under new Policy 69 unexploited oil fields held by ONGC and Oil India for many years, will be opened for competitive bidding. The license granted would cover all hydrocarbons found in the field instead of being restricted to one item. Revenue sharing model is being introduced for the first time in oil sector and Government will receive a share of gross revenue instead of profit- sharing in earlier formula.

 1)   The centre for crop insurance period under National Agricultural Insurance Scheme for the farmers bearing no loan date extended to …………………… 


Ans : (1)

1. 15 sep 15
2. 16 sep 15
3. 17 sep 15
4. 20 sep 15
5. 21 sep 15

Explanation:  For loan farmers the extension period will be upto end of this month. The decision will benefit farmers where delayed and deficient rainfall has been reported. Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha and Gujarat had requested the Centre to extend the period of crop insurance.