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09 October 2015 Current Affairs
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 17)          Shashi Bala was the former Indian women team captain of which sports, who passed away recently ?


Ans : (2)


1.          Football 

2.          Hockey

3.          Volley Ball

4.          Kabbaddi

5.          Women Cricket


Explanation: She was killed in a car accident along with her son in Kahma village of Punjab


 18)        James Horner was the composer of some of the biggest Hollywood hits like "Titanic", "Braveheart" and `Avatar" died in a plane crash recently. He was the winner for Oscar award for how many times ?


Ans : (2)


1.          1

2.          2

3.          3

4.          4

5.          5


Explanation: James Horner won the Oscar for best original score for his work on James Cameron`s "Titanic" and followed it with original song win for Celine Dion-sung "My Heart Will Go On" in the film. Horner was piloting a small aircraft when it crashed into a remote area near north of Santa Barbara in California.

 19) When did the earth Quake hit Nepal ?

Ans : (1)

1.          April 25th

2.          April 30

3.          April 22

4.          April 1

5.          May 2nd 


Explanation: $ 500 million has been pledged by the World Bank for quake hit Nepal . World Bank president Jim Yong Kim said in a statement that the organisation is working with the Government of Nepal and its international partners to help the country get the resources it needs to build back better.

 20)          Prior to which date the government will not impose levy tax on FIIs ?


Ans : (1)


1. 2nd Apr’14 

2. 31st Mar’15

3.          1st Apr’15

4.          31st Aug’15 

5.          30th aug 15


Explanation: Recently, the government accepted the Justice AP Shah Committee report on the Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT) on Foreign Institutional Investors . The Shah panel`s recommendations were applicable only for FIIs and FPIs and did not pertain to cases involving foreign direct investment (FDI). In May , the government set up a panel headed by Justice AP Shah to suggest ways to resolve the MAT dispute as well as some other tax issues. Tax authorities had issued MAT notices to foreign portfolio investors last year which claim of Rs 600 crore.