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07 October 2015 Current Affairs
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  9) On whom The Supreme Court upholds ‘ban on entering Goa’ ?


Ans : (4)


1.          Girija Sinha

2.          Venkatraman Ayer

3.          Bhartahi Naidu

4.          Pramod Muthalik

5.          None


Explanation: A bench comprising Chief Justice H L Dattu refused Sri Ram Sene Chief Muthalik`s plea and told him to come after six months. Muthalik had moved the Supreme Court challenging the order of the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court which on 2nd July had refused to interfere with the prohibitory order imposed on him and his associates by the state police.

10)          Hindi Jagat: Vistar evam sambhavnai is the theme of the ………. World Hindi Conference (WHC) which was organized in Bhopal from 10th -12th Sept’15 ?

Ans : (1)

1.          10th

2.          9th

3.          11th

4.          12th

5.          13th 


Explanation: The 10th World Hindi Conference (WHC) was organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, in partnership with the Government of Madhya Pradesh


  11)        Railway Police developed a mobile based security system for the running trains under which scheme for safety of rail passengers ?


Ans : (2)


1.          Police Scheme

2.          Rakshak Scheme

3.          Sahayak Scheme

4.          Save u Scheme

5.          None


Explanation: Through Rakshak Scheme, security personnel who are on duty in the running trains will be linked with the railway police control rooms. Railway police is taking this project initially as a pilot project and the project has been launched from Allahabad Division of railway police.

 12)          Denali is the new name of the Mount McKinley, which is located in ____


Ans : (2)


1.          South America

2.          North America

3.          Australia

4.          India

5.          China


Explanation: President Barack Obama has said the 20,000 feet peak will revert to the original name given to it by Native Alaskan`s, Denali. He made the announcement on the eve of a visit to Alaska for a conference of Arctic Nations. The central Alaska Mountain has officially been called Mount McKinley for almost a century.