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06 October 2015 Current Affairs
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  5) The famous Ambubachi Mahotsava of Kamakhaya temple began recently in which state ?


Ans : (2)


1.          Odisha

2.          Assom

3.          Telengana

4.          Kerala 

5.          Karnataka


Explanation: Approx. 8 to 10 lakh devotees from various states are expected to arrive in Guwahati during Ambubachi.


 6) Name the stock exchange that introduced an overnight liquid transaction facility on its web-based Mutual Fund platform recently ?


Ans : (1)


1. National Stock Exchange

2.          Bombay Stock Exchange

3.          MCX-DX

4.          Delhi Stock Exchange

5.          None


Explanation: The facility will enable traders, especially small investors, to invest even for a single night in liquid funds. A similar product was introduced last month by Bombay Stock Exchange, BSE. The exchange has seen daily transactions worth 400-500 crore rupees in the product so far.

 7)            How many times has Bangladesh won the ODI series against India ?


Ans : (3)


1.          1

2.          2

3.          3

4.          4

5.          5


Explanation: :- Bangladesh Cricket team defeated Team India on the Duckworth-Lewis method at Mirpur, Dhaka on 22nd June’15 to register the series win . The victory not only gave Bangladesh an unassailable 2-0 lead, but also ensured them a place in the 2017 Champions Trophy.

 8)Justice A P Shah is the Chairman of the _____ that recommended abolition of death penalty for all crimes other than terrorism related offences and waging war against the state ?


Ans : (1)


1.          Law Commission 

2.          SC Commission

3.          BC Commission

4.          Minority Commission

5.          None of these


Explanation: Chairman of the Law Commission Justice A P Shah said, in the last decade the Supreme Court has on numerous occasions expressed concern over the arbitrary sentencing in death penalty cases. The recommendation by the nine member panel was, however, not unanimous, with three members dissenting and supporting retention of capital punishment.