National Defence Academy (NDA) For Preparation Tips
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  • The first step is to make sure you have the detailed and correct syllabus. This will help you focus your studies
  • Prepare a weekly schedule for your preparation and include topics from both papers

Use NCERT books for your basic preparation


  • The Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry sections should be prepared from Class 12th books and Biology, Geography, History, Political Science, and Economics should be prepared up to Class 10th level
  • Study the basic mathematics concepts and application both as questions are asked in both forms: to complete the statement or to solve
  • Improve your approximation and calculation skills. As questions asked in Paper I are in the form of multiple choice questions speedy approximation/calculation skills can help you narrow down to the correct answer
  • Keep a quick revision sheet for important mathematics points and formulae.
  • English questions under the General Ability test focus on reading comprehension, basic grammar and vocabulary. Revise basic grammar rules from a reliable source. Wren and Martin Grammar book is a good option.


  • English section for 200 marks is one of the most scoring sections in the NDA examination so its important to prepare for it well
  • Vocabulary cannot be increased in a day, increase your reading and try reading more difficult material then you are used to. Underline and look up any term you are unfamiliar with.
  • Vocabulary synonyms are definitely asked so to prepare glance through a thesaurus to help you understand various common synonyms.
  • Prepare for Part B of Paper II subject wise then revise topic wise also. The questions may not always be classified into the different sections so it`s important you are ready for the questions.  
  • Use specified NDA preparation books to aid you in your studies
  • Understand Physics topics and concepts and also their applications
  • Focus on physics topics with valid practical applications
  • Its important to know the Chemistry basic concepts and understand the various classifications
  • General Science consists of general biology and Environmental science. Prepare for environmental science with reference to the current situation.
  • Preparing for History and Civics pay more attention to areas relating with India. You should have thorough knowledge of the Indian freedom struggle, Constitution of India and basic political science.
  • Geography is based on overall Earth characteristics, atmosphere etc in addition to India so make sure your basic geography is covered
  • One of the most important sections is Current affairs. You should know about the major events of the past 5 years at least. The best way to prepare is by reading newspapers or when you are short of time read through Current affair magazines.
  • Practice sample papers/previous year papers to understand the style and pattern of questions and to identify your weak areas. As exams approach focus more on your weak areas and have a brief revision of topics you have mastered
  • Lastly, during the exam skip any questions you are not sure of to avoid negative marking.

The key to a successful exam is confidence. Be calm, concentrate and study.