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Five pen pc shortly called as P-ISM (Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Packag), is nothing but the new discovery, which is under developing stage by NEC Corporation. P-ISM is a gadget package including five functions: a CPU pen, communication pen with a cellular phone function, virtual keyboard, a very small projector, and a camera. P-ISM’s are connected with one another through short-range wireless technology. The whole set is also connected to the Internet through the cellular phone function. This personal gadget in a minimalist pen style enables the ultimate ubiquitous computing.


The conceptual prototype of the "pen" computer was built in 2003. The prototype device, dubbed the "P-ISM", was a "Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget" created in 2003 by Japanese technology company NEC. The P-ISM was featured at the 2003 ITU Telecom World held in Geneva, Switzerland. The designer of the 5 Pen Technology ,Toru Ichihash, said that In developing this concept he asked himself –What is the future of IT when it is small? The pen was a logical choice. He also wanted a product that you could touch and feel. Further, the intent is to allow for an office anywhere.

However, although a conceptual prototype of the "pen" computer was built in 2003; such devices are not yet available to consumers. “The design concept uses five different pens to make a computer. One pen is a CPU, another camera, one creates a virtual keyboard, another projects the visual output and thus the display and another communicator (a phone). All five pens can rest in a holding block which recharges the batteries and holds the mass storage. Each pen communicates wireless, possibly Bluetooth.”


The functionality of the CPU is done by one of the pen. It is also known as computing engine. It consists of dual core processor embedded in it and it works with WINDOWS operation system. The central processing unit (CPU) is the portion of a computer system that carries out the instructions of a computer program, and is the primary element carrying out the computer`s functions. The central processing unit carries out each instruction of the program 

 in sequence, to perform the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of the system.

The control unit of the CPU contains circuitry that uses electrical signals to direct the entire computer system to carry out, stored program instructions. The control unit does not execute program instructions; rather, it directs other parts of the system to do so. The control unit must communicate with both the arithmetic/logic unit and memory.


P-ISM’s are connected with one another through shortrange wireless technology. The whole set is also connected to the Internet through the cellular phone function. They are connected through Tri-wireless modes (Blue tooth, 802.11B/G, and terabytes of data, exceeding the capacity of today’s hard disks. This is very effective because we can able to connect whenever we need without having wires. They are used at the frequency band of 2.4 GHz ISM (although they use different access mechanisms). Blue tooth mechanism is used for exchanging signal status information between two devices. This techniques have been developed that do not require communication between the two devices (such as Blue tooth’s Adaptive Frequency Hopping), the most efficient and comprehensive solution for the most serious problems can be accomplished by silicon vendors. They can implement information exchange capabilities within the designs of the Blue tooth


The Virtual Laser Keyboard (VKB) is the ULTIMATE new gadget for PC users. The VKB emits laser on to the desk where it looks like the keyboard having QWERTY arrangement of keys i.e., it uses a laser beam to generate a full-size perfectly operating laser keyboard that smoothly connects to of PC and most of the handheld devices. As we type on the laser projection, it analyses what we are typing according to the co-ordinates of the location. A virtual keyboard is a software component that allows a user to enter characters. A virtual keyboard can usually be operated with multiple input devices, which may include a touch screen, an actual keyboard, a computer mouse, a head mouse and an eye mouse


The digital camera is in the shape of pen .It is useful in video recording, video conferencing, simply it is called as web cam. It is also connected with other devices through Blue tooth. It is a 360 degrees visual communication device. This terminal will enable us to know about the surrounding atmosphere and group to group communication with a round display and a central super wide angle camera

 A digital camera (or digicam) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor. Most 21st century cameras are digital. Digital cameras can do things film cameras cannot: displaying images on a screen immediately after they are recorded, storing thousands of images on a single small memory device, and deleting images to free storage space. The majority, including most compact cameras, can record moving video with sound as well as still photographs. Some can crop and stitch pictures and performs other elementary image editing. Some have a GPS receiver built in, and can produce Geotagged photographs.


The role of monitor is taken by LED Projector which projects on the screen. The size of the projector is of A4 size. It has the approximate resolution capacity of 1024 X 768. Thus it is gives more clarity and good picture. A video projector is a device that receives a video signal

and projects the corresponding image on a projection screen using a lens system. All video projectors use a very bright light to project the image, and most modern ones can correct any curves, blurriness, and other inconsistencies through manual settings. Video projectors are widely used for conference room presentations, classroom training, home theatre and live events applications. Projectors are widely used in many schools and other educational settings, connected to an interactive whiteboard to interactively teach pupils.


The most important part in portable type of computer is battery and storage capacity. Usually batteries must be small in size and work for longer time. For normal use it can be used for 2 weeks. The type of battery used here is lithium ion battery. The storage device is of the type tubular holographic which is capable of storing. The use of lithium ion battery in this gadget will reduce energy density, durability and cost factor. By making Five Pen PC feasible, it will enable ubiquitous computing therefore it is easier for people to use. Many applications can be imagined with this new technology. As it makes use of E-fingerprinting the gadget will be more secure, which allows only owner to activate the Pc. So even if we loose it, no one else can access the gadget. All PC’s communicate each other with the help of Bluetooth technology and the entire gadget is connected to internet (Wi-Fi). This technology is very portable, feasible and efficient. Everybody can use this technology in very efficient manner. Some prototypes have been already developed in 2003 which are very feasible, but currently unclear. The enhancement in this technology can be expected in coming years.


·         Portable Feasible Ubiquitous

·         Makes use of Wi-Fi technology

·         Mobility

·         Touch and feel the technology


·         Currently unclear

·         Cost

·         Easily misplaced

·         As the gadget is very costly the consumer cannot afford to purchase them.

·         The virtual keyboards are already present in various companies like Lumio and Virtual Devices Inc