JEE Main Preparation Tips
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 JEE Main Preparation Tips

Cracking JEE Main 2015 is your first step towards getting admission in the prestigious IITs. Preparing in the right manner in these final months can change your destiny. Your hard work may turn into success if you follow these JEE Main Preparation Tips sincerely. 

Choose Proper Study Material:

It is a common misconception among aspirants that preparing from a number of books will help them in getting good marks. The truth is that referring the right books only will aid you in securing high. Don’t run behind multiple study material to prepare for JEE Main. Ask your teachers and seniors which JEE Study Material to refer.

 Prepare a Time Table:

Six months is a good amount of time to excel in JEE Main 2015, provided you are sincere and dedicated towards achieving your goal. These final months are very crucial for every JEE aspirant and a proper plan is needed for the preparation. You should make a time table to devote time to each subject as per your weaknesses and strengths.  

Strengthen Important & Key Concepts:

Students appearing for JEE Main 2015 should know that not all topics carry equal weightage of marks. Some topics carry more marks, while others don’t. Devoting much of your time on such important topics is recommended. You just need to identify such topics and practice them more.

Time Management:

Performing well in the entrance exam depends largely on strategizing the flow and proper time management. You should decide well in advance how much time you are going to give on each 

 subject, based on your strong and weak points. With proper time management, you will surely save yourself from the panic during the actual exam.

Solve Previous Year Papers

Solving previous year papers is the most important and required thing to do if you want to excel in JEE Main 2015 exam. JEE Main 2015 Sample Papers will provide you an insight into the type of questions, marking scheme and time duration. Solving these model papers will give you an idea about how the actual entrance exam will be.

 Keep Calm and Stay Fit:

Keeping your mind at peace and body fit is essential for an efficient brain. Toppers suggest that going for a small walk or doing a little exercise will keep your body fit. Your eating habits are also of great prominence. Take good amount of fibre and protein content.