Top Job Interview Tips, Tricks & Effective Techniques
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How to Prepare for Interview

Top Job Interview Tips, Tricks & Effective Techniques

Top Job Interview Tips, Tricks & Effective Techniques

Generally in Interview interviewee feel uncomfortable itself or fielding unexpected questions. With the right tips and techniques, you can present yourself effectively at interviews and grebe your desired job. Here below we are sharing some effective Interview Tip & Tricks for a successful interview.

Top Interview Tips & Tricks

First Impression Count: The first impression is the last impression. So try to give your best impression. Give Salutation to interviewer with a smile and give proper eye contact.

Don’t Fear from Interview and Be Confident: Candidate must leave the fear and keep free the mind before the interview and believe himself. And be confident, that gives more essential power to you.

Check Out the Company & Vacancy: Before the interview you check out the details of company, i.e. which type of company, work of company, when establish the company, Rules of company, Term and condition of company etc. And also checkout about the vacancy and conditions.

Body Language: 55% interview will depend on body language of candidates. So First improve of your body language. Make smile, be natural and speak with confidence. Do practice in front of mirror. The Dress sense will effect to interviewer, so in interview use formal dress.

Choose Good Atmosphere: The Atmosphere are play very important role in the Interview preparation, so you choose the comfortable place, there you can feel relaxed and has concentrate.

Study in Early Morning: Study in early morning is better to study in day or night. Because in the early morning your concentration power is good and nobody disturb to you. 

 Take Right Guidance: The Right Guidance is provides the right directions and it is one of the key of success. If you really want to crack Interview, then shall you need to do hard work and take right guidance from expert. The expert may be teachers, friends, acquainted, big brother etc.

Focus on One Topic & its Basic: You should more focus on any one topic (related to your job profile) and also clear its basic concept. Candidate must be using the standard writer books for that topic.

Read Carefully Resume/ Curriculum: Before the interview read carefully of your resume. Because the interviewer first check the resume and then start the interview. In resume does not include any fake thing but include reality and your strength.

College/ University, Award & Employment: In resume describe about the schools, College/ University, your award and Employment in any company in briefly. The all information’s of resume are correct, not fake.

Hobby: The hobby is an important factor of your life. It indicates your interesting field. So you must be including your hobby in Resume/ Curriculum.

Touch with Current Affair: You should touch with current affairs through the books, note books, PPT, magazines etc study material.

Time Management: The Time Management is playing an important role in Interview preparation. So make perfect time management and follow it strictly. 

Vocabulary & Communication Skills: In Interview the vocabulary & Communication skills are necessary. With poor communication skills you don’t get success. Reading English newspaper, magazine, watching English new channels etc are helpful to improve the vocabulary & Communication Skills.

Prepare for a Phone Interview: When you are active job searching, then you prepare for a phone interview on a moments notice. Because the interviewer/ recruiter will call you in any time and ask you “Have a few minutes to talk”.

Group Discussion: In big companies the Group Discussion are necessary and it improve your communication skills and thinking ability.

Practice the Interview in Front of Mirror: Before the interview practice must be compulsory. For best practice you do practice in front of mirror or other person.

Take the Time To Say Thank You: After the interview take some time to say Thank You. It reinforces your impress to the interviewer. 

 Be open and Honest: When you are responding to the employer’s question, tell the truth! And explain it. And in any situation you have be open and honest.

Remember Your Manners: When you go to interview then don’t forget your manners, it effect to your impression on the interviewer. The manners are your important self property and it is the positive point of you.

Be Positive: You have positive in any situation, in interview time it play the important role.

Basic Questions in Interview:

What is the name of the interviewer(s)?

Tell me about yourself.

Tell me about the company.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Why should I hire you?

Where would be like to in five years?

Why are you qualified for this opportunity and why should we select you for this opportunity?

If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be….?

What does failure & success mean to you?

Are you an organized person?

In what ways are you organized and disorganized?

Do you manage your time well?

How do you take important decisions?

How do you handle change?

Do you work well under pressure?

Are you better at anticipating or reacting to problems?

Are you a risk taker or do you like to stay away from risks?

Why should I hire you?

Tell me about when you made a good decision.

Tell me about when you made a poor decision.

Tell me about when you made a great sale.

Tell me about when you went over budget.

Tell me about when you aimed too high.

Tell me about when you aimed too low.

Tell me about when you made a mistake.

How to learn from your mistake

Tell me about when you fired someone.

Tell me about when you hired someone.

Tell me about when you failed to complete an assignment on time.

Tell me about when you found a solution to save the company money.

Give me any one example of your creativity.

How do you feel when reporting to a younger person.