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7th class Science Project - Rain Water Conservation
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 I am explaining about Rain water conservation. According to geographical analysis underground water level is decreasing day by day, especially in urban areas.  It’s essential for us to prevent waters wastage and rain water conservation.

            My Project, Rain water conservation is a very useful method to catch, preserve and usage of water. No house in Hyderabad is using this technique, but in some cities like Mumbai Apartments are using this technique to over come water problem for daily activities. One apartment which practising this method was Avanthinikethan located in Andheri Mumbai.

            The process of making rain water conservation in our house is very simple. We should construct 2 big tanks in our cellar. The size of the tanks varies based on the area available and necessity of water. One large PVC pipe is attached from our terrace to one of the tanks. A mortor has to be placed in 2nd water tank to pump up the water into tank placed on our terrace. The 2 cellar water tanks are interlinked with a pipe.

 Collection of water:

The rain water collected on the terrace should be passed through the pipe. A filter plate is added at the start up of the pipe to filter stones or big dust particles. The end of the pipe is fixed with a sand filter box readily available in the market. The first few minutes of rain water should be discarded because it contains dissolved impurities and dust. Then the remaining water should be collected in the 1st tank.  

Filtration in 1st tank:

The 1st tank will be generally used as filtered tank. It is filled up with Gravel(stone)-Charcoal-sand. The ratio of this material will be in this way. 1st 10cm Gravel/ Stone, 2nd 10cm Charcoal, 3rd 25Cms Sand/ 4th 25cms Gravel/stone. Each layer will be separated by Wire/ coarse mesh.

When the water comes through pipe out of sand filter almost big particles of dust  are filtered. It is 25% filtered. This filtered water when passed through different layers of stone-charcoal-sand will be thoroughly filtered. This water is around 70% filtered.

The filtered water will be passed through 2nd tank through a pipe which will again have a sponge or sand filter. 

 Filtration in 2nd tank:

Those water passed in second tank will be 80% pure. The second tank will be having chlorine which will be used to kills germs and bacteria in the water. Approximately 1 gm of chlorine is used for 200ltrs.

This chlorine water is pumped to tank located on the terrace from which can be use for house hold activities.


How much rainfall can be collected?

            According to Texas Natural resource conservation, we get 2300 ltrs of water from 1inch of rainfall on 1000sft catchment terrace area.

            Hyderabad receives 40 inch rainfall in a year. On an average 75% can only be collected. So the formula for total amount of rain water we can collect on 1000sft terrace area in a year is


40 Inches of rain  X  2300 ltrs per inch  X 75% (75/100) = 69,000 ltrs