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What to do when your child is teething?
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Some teeth come through with no trouble at all. In other cases, the gum may be sore and red where the tooth is pushing its way out. A child may gnaw and chew a lot or just be fretful, but it is difficult to tell if this is really due to teething.

> It can be helpful to give the child something hard to chew on.
> Start brushing as soon as teeth appear.
> Brush thoroughly twice a day, just before bed is important.
> Help your child brush until they are able to do it well by themselves, usually around the age of seven.
> Use fluoride toothpaste and encourage your child to spit after brushing; do not rinse afterwards as this reduces    the benefits of the fluoride in the toothpaste.
> Use a tiny smear of toothpaste for babies and a pea-sized amount for children.
> Young children will swallow the toothpaste; use a children`s toothpaste with reduced fluoride until they are able    to spit well.
> Visit a dentist regularly to get your child used to the surgery.
> Reduce the amount of sugary food or drinks you give your child and limit these to mealtimes.
> Only give water or plain milk in a bottle. Juices should be diluted and given in a cup.
> Limit fizzy drinks and natural fruit juices as they contain sugar and are acidic. This causes decay and erosion,    which will dissolve the teeth.
> Teach your children how to brush their teeth and tell them the importance of keeping their teeth clean.