IBPS PO Exam 2014: 10 Tips for Better Preparation
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BPS has started recruitment process for Probationary Officer, the aspirants are gearing up for the examination. This year the IBPS PO exam would be conducted online, starting from 11 October 2014, which would be concluding in phases for about a month. Thus the candidates who have applied for the examination are all set to start preparing for the examination. Though the mode of taking the exam has changed from offline to online, the papers for the examination has remained 

same. The number of questions is 200 and the time allotted to solve the questions is 120 minutes. It is probably the right time to shift gears and devote most of the time for the preparations.There are few tips and strategies that can help the candidates to score well in the exams and help them solve the questions:


1. Understand the Syllabus Well: Whether you are a first time candidate appearing for the examination or have an experience in giving the exam, you should at first have a clear idea about the syllabus and the online examination pattern. The syllabus of the IBPS PO examination consists of five major papers. These are Reasoning, English Language, Numerical Ability, General Awareness with special reference to Banking Industry and Computer Knowledge. Every paper consists of 40 questions and carries equal number of marks along with it. A candidate need to perform well in all the papers to make the cut and thus should keep an eye on each of the segments while preparing.

 2. Develop a Reading Habit: Once you have decided to go for the IBPS PO examination, you need to immediately start develop your reading habit. You might need to read a lot of things available in books, journals or even in internet to gather information about current affairs and updates. It is important to go through the daily English newspaper as well, which can help you in the English language paper, giving you an idea about new words, phrase and sentence formation.

3. Make yourself computer friendly: Your computer knowledge might be elementary but if you need to score well in this department, you need to be friends with your computer. You need to learn about the basics of the computer and go through books on the same. You need to practice the elements that you have learned in your books at your own computer. Computers can also help you search the internet and find news, articles, journals, websites, blogs and many more which can help you understand the subject really well.
4. Manage your Time to the fullest: If you are willing to crack through the written exam of IBPS PO, you need to have a strict look at your watch. You can’t let a second go waste. There are 200 questions overall that needs to get solved in 120 minutes which makes the
job a real tough one. You would get less than a minute’s time to solve a particular question.Hence, you need to start practicing today while keeping a watch beside you, counting the time that you take to finish your practice sets. Some of the papers like Reasoning and Numerical Ability take more time to solve and thus a proper adjustment should be made in the time given to these questions while you are racticing, so that you can perform the same while giving the examination.


5. Mark your weak spots: The candidates need to mark their weakest paper through the process of preparation. They should constantly try and figure out where they are lacking and work on the same. It is good to have stronghold to any particular paper but it is the weak 
paper that needs most of your attention. You need to constantly nurture and practice the paper you think you are weak in, to make sure you give your best in the examination.
6. Go for assignments and Mock Test Papers: The best possible way for your preparation is to go for self-assignments and solving Mock Test papers keeping your stopwatch on. This can help improving your confidence and make you remember things that you are reading.
7. Find your own tricks and methods: The time for solving each of the questions is limited and you need to find your own tricks and methods to solve problems accordingly. You can take help from the experts as well to learn tricks and methods for solving numerical and 
reasoning problems. This can enhance your chances on completing the examination on time without leaving any questions for time constraint.
8. Avoid guessing answers: With each wrong answer you would ruin your chances of selection in the written examination as they contain negative marks with them. Hence, it is safe to answer whatever falls under the purview of your knowledge. Guessing doesnt help in 
such examinations to topple the hurdle.
9. Dont overstress yourself: The examinations might be very important for you to crack, but do not overdo the preparations as that can lead you to stress. You need to take breaks in between your preparation hours to refresh your mind and stay focused on your study.
10.Keep faith on yourself: The only thing that can make you cross the barrier is self-confidence. You need to keep yourself charged and have faith in yourself. This can help you answer your questions in the examination with self-assurance and conviction.