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School leadership training programme – skilling the teachers to create a better learning environment
According to Goldman Sachs, India is projected to become the second largest economy in the world by 2050. This is not all, the country is also likely to grow to 1.8 million-plus people by 2047, which means there will be an increase in the working population of the country as well.
To leverage this growing population, skill development has emerged as an important aspect that needs strategic and planned policy cum intervention. The country would have to start from the grass root level, which means educating and training the school and college students in vocational skills. And for this, the teachers need to be empowered so that they can create a favorable learning experience for the students. This is where school leadership training programme comes in! Of late these programs have grown in popularity and benefited countless students.

A school leadership training program spans over a few days (say 5 days) and familiarizes the teachers, the heads of educational institutions with the best of the latest practices to deal with people, projects, and financial management. They are exposed to the administrative and school leadership challenges and solutions. The school leadership training programme is also customized to work on the technical and soft skills of the participants, who are essentially the heads of the educational institutions.
By the time a teacher or school head completes the leadership development training program, he/she develops a whole new understanding of dealing with their colleagues, students, and ways to create a learning environment for the students.

The school or college heads also come across the benefits of introducing or encouraging vocational training and education in their premises. And though most of the CBSE schools run vocational education and training courses for their students, the enlightened heads of these schools work harder to make the programs more popular in the premises.
Indias emergence as a potential economic and social power has a lot to do with is youth. The only way we can leverage the massive opportunities that lay ahead is by developing the employability skills of the youth. And this should begin as early as possible in their lives. Schools and colleges are the ideal places to impart vocational education. However, these programs will not bear fruits unless students are well supported by their teachers and heads of institutions. Training programs, such as leadership development training programme, are arguably the best solutions to empower the teachers and enable them to look at education from different angles.