Literacy in India
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a) Variation of literacy between states
Literacy levels have improved considerably after independence, and almost two-thirds of our population is now literate. 
Kerala is the most literate state in India, with almost literacy, followed closely by Lakshadweep and  Bihar is the literate state in India.
b) Government Schemes
Unemployment is a major challenge facing the country in the process of its development. The situation calls for urgent steps to provide increased employment opportunities in the local area of the people which will also check their avoidable migration to urban areas.
Literacy is the backbone of a progressive and the heartbeat of a developing nation. A literate nation is free from any kind of slavery and open to varied arenas of progress.
National Literacy Mission (NLM) was launched in 1988 to import functional literacy to non-literates in the age group of 15-35 in a time bound manner. 
c) Non- governmental efforts
The bulk of Indian illiterates live in the countrys rural areas, where social and economic barriers play an important role in keeping the lowest strata of society illiterate.
Diffrent type of Non Governmental Organizations
1-Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India Directory
2-The NGO Cafe
3-Indian NGOs

 d) Reasons for low literacy

Illiteracy in India is characterized by wide gaps between the urban and rural populations.
 The rural population depends mainly on agriculture and the rate of illiteracy is high, while the urban population is more of the employee class and also more educated. 
Even amongst the male and female population, there is a wide disparity in literacy.