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Many of us have stumbled with spoken English,
and have felt embarrassed in interviews and while socializing, or in an office.
Not being able to speak English properly becomes a problem when you are trying to land that promotion,
or communicate with others. There are ways to improve the fluency of your spoken English, and here are some tried and tested methods.

Talk more in English. They say that practice makes everything perfect, and they are right.
When you talk more, you learn more, and you start feeling more comfortable using the language.
Even if it sounds wrong, keep talking, and if possible ask someone fluent in the language to edit your speech,
and tell you where you are going wrong.

Read more English. Reading proper, correct English actually helps in understanding the language better.
Read more books in English, or get yourself a newspaper subscription, and read the news every day in English.
This is a tried and tested method recommended, because when you read more, you understand the language better.
Try incorporating statements which you have read in the books or newspaper into your speech.
Do not translate but try to think in English while you are speaking.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is by thinking in a different language,
then translate it in English, then say it out loud. This makes the entire procedure cumbersome,
and yes, it takes up time. Don’t make that mistake. Try and think in English and say it out loud.
It will not be easy, but it will work.

Incorporate more English terms in your own language. When you are speaking your own language,
try incorporating English terms into it to familiarize yourself with the language more.
One of the problems with many people is that they do not know how to use certain terms while speaking.

Learn Better Grammar. This might sound really boring, but the truth is, the better your grammar,
the better your chances of nailing spoken English. Most people end up making mistakes by saying something incorrectly,
thanks to bad grammar. Stop the habit, make sure your grammar is good. Because ultimately, it matters if your grammar is incorrect.

Watch Movies in English. To improve your speech, watch more English movies, preferably with subtitles.
Read the words and try to speak it the way they speak in the movies, which goes a long way in improving your own speech
and making it sound like the way they do. It also improves pronunciation and improves language considerably.
Read a Thesaurus. Thesaurus helps in learning new terms, and learning new words will improve your language considerably.
This is a simple and easy way of finding better terms and using them while speaking. Reading a thesaurus also helps you know more English.
Look up a dictionary when you can. Dictionaries are useful when you don’t know the meaning of a word, or how you can use it properly.
Using a dictionary to learn a new word is always a good idea. You can easily read up a couple of words using it, and apply it when you speak.
These are simple ways of learning better English and speaking it correctly. They are small tips, but they go a long way in improving your