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An increasingly important topic today in the scientific community is manifesting desires. A once laughed at topic, manifesting desires is a concept gaining more credibility among the scientific community and the intelligentsia. As a matter of fact, quantum physicists are at present taking this particular subject much more seriously than ever before. It is they that believe it is possible to actually turn fantasy into reality. It is interesting to note that this entire concept was at one time so ridiculed that it was impossible for many intellectuals to take this concept seriously. Not so today.


When trying to manifest what you desire, there are certain techniques and steps that will allow you to do this more efficiently. Before we begin it is important to stress that you need to be 100% clear on what it is that you desire because without this knowledge no amount of manifesting or secret tools will get you the results you desire.

First things first: Visualize that what you would like in life. Have a clear image in your mind of the reality which you want to achieve. Create a visual board, having photos tacked to it, images of your future life. By doing so you are actually sending off vibes into the universe, that in turn add up and make energy waves that eventually make your dreams reality.


It is a necessary truth that you believe strongly in your ability to make your dreams a reality, that you believe strongly in yourself as a person. Being strong-willed is a must, and that you also hold strong to the belief that you have the ability to actually transform yourself as a person. This new you will also believe that wonderful things can happen to you.

It is an essential requirement that one who believes in manifesting desires also knows how to manifest the segment intending. This particular concept works in that it permits one to see the future, a future that one strongly desires. Segment intending essentially works in that you segment your day from one situation to another. By this I mean that you segment each situation of your day. An example is that going for lunch with your wife is one segment, while returning back to work would be another segment.

Understand what it is that you wish for each segment. Imagine a drive to your kid’s school that has zero traffic. By clinging to this thought you can actually turn this into reality. Manifesting

Desires is that easy. Imagine an easy going morning meeting at work for your second segment. By doing so you permit this energy to escape to the universe and in turn allow the laws of attraction to take hold.

The above is a clear explanation of manifesting desires. Know for certain what your desires are, believe strongly in your desires, understand fully that they are possible to achieve. Picture it, segment each situation within the day. A dream is filled with energy that can, with a little bit of mental concentration, becometruth.