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GATE 2014 Preparation Is it possible to crack GATE with final year studies or with job
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How to Prepare GATE 2014 Exam, GATE 2014 Preparation-Is it possible to crack GATE with final year studies or with job?,GATE 2014 Preparation

GATE 2014 Preparation Is it possible to crack GATE with final year studies or with job

GATE 2014 Preparation will need lots more than what you thought! After all GATE 2014 can get you to your dream college. As a part of Careers360 GATE 2014 Preparation Series, we promised you to bring exclusive interviews with Authors of GATE Preparation Books, eminent faculties, GATE Previous year Toppers and answers to your questions.

If you are serious about GATE 2014 preparation and you are currently a  student of final year/pre-final year or you are currently in a job and planning to Prepare for GATE 2014 this question must be worrying you.

Is it really possible for final year students and In-Job candidates to crack GATE?

The simplest way to answer your question is YES. But actually the process involved in GATE Preparation is not that easy. Taking out an adequate amount of time for GATE Preparation after coming from college or office is never easy. The easiest and most common thing students/professionals do is they relax and hit the bed. But that’s not what is going to reach your GATE 2014 goal.

Especially if we see a majority of GATE Aspirants come from Average/State-Level Colleges where in some standard way of education is not good. Many of the candidates join coaching institutes or enroll for study material/test series to cope up with the gap. To prepare for GATE after your daily schedule of attending college or office for some odd 8-9 hours it is going to be tough. But if you have the will to do that it`s not going to be difficult. People have cracked GATE along with college or job in the past and so can you do that too!

If you are one such GATE 2014 Aspirant, your GATE 2014 Preparation Plan needs to be well planned and proper execution is needed. Highest level of commitment is what you need to put in.

In general terms, 4-5 months of preparation is sufficient to get a decent rank in GATE Examination. And that is the time you have in your hand at the moment. You must ensure you complete your syllabus by December. The month of January plays a very crucial role as it is meant to be revision period and solving mock tests. GATE 2014 Preparation needs some changes when compared to last year since GATE 2014 is online.

Now let’s see the 3 Things that go on your side if you are currently a student/Working Professional and Preparing for GATE 2014:

. You are in touch with studies

This is a primary benefit that can make you or break you. What it means is if you take it positively that since you are a student you are going regularly to classes, preparing for your internal or university assessments and overall studying what will be part of GATE 2014 Paper. Vice versa if you become over confident that you already know things since you are studying them and no more efforts are needed, it would make the path difficult.

2. The Peer Group Effect

If you have been able to develop a strong peer group with common goals, in this case GATE 2014, you have already found a gold mine. Now you need to dig it  to extract gold out of it. Having a good peer group with common targets help you keep focused and enhance your GATE Preparation. Similar is case for working professionals. If your flatmates/colleagues have the same target to crack GATE 2014 then it helps you cross the path. Always try to find people with similar goals-this also keeps you motivated and focused.

3. Time Management and  Scheduling Advantage!

Since you are in job or a current student you are already following a time bound schedule and understand the importance of every minute if you gave decided GATE 2014 as your goal. Being a student or working professional in a way is going to make you understand that you cant afford loosing even a single minute and must capitalize on what ever time you have. Simultaneously you also need to understand that you need to cut out time from less important activities like going for movie on weekend etc and use them for GATE 2014 Preparation.

Norman Vincent Peale has said “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

And it very well suits for your target of Preparation for GATE 2014. Stay focused on the target and you will be able to do your GATE 2014 Preparationwell alongwith college or job.



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