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Procedure to calculate Eamcet 2013 Ranks
Author : Tejaswini
Category : EAMCET
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Procedure to calculate Eamcet 2013 Ranks

ALL EAMCET 2013 aspiring students are very anxious about the results which are supposed to release on June 2.The EAMCET board recently release the key, according to which the students can calculate their ranks according to the following process:

25% of the weightage will be taken from intermediate public examinations(only groups) and remaining 75% from Eamcet.

  • Including practicals the total marks of groups is 600 in which 25% of the marks will be considered.

    For Eg: If the total marks(1st & 2nd Yr Groups + practicals) acquired by a student is 350/600 the wieghtage will be
    25% i.e, (350/600)*25 = 14.5833



  • In EAMCET 75% of the total acquired marks out of 160 will be considered to calculate the rank.

    For Eg: If the marks acquired by a student in EAMCET is 80/160 the wieghtage will be
    75% i.e, (80/160)*75 =37.5



  • Students who aquire 25% of marks in EAMCET i.e., 40 marks are eligibe for EAMCET.
  • The above said rule is not applicable for SC & ST students though their EAMCET score is "ZERO" they will be alloted ranks according to their IPE marks.





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