Group II Preparation with in a month
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 The candidates should practice the previous question papers and test papers for more time. By preparing the APPSC previous question papers, they can attempt 30 to 40 questions exactly.

* Due to some reasons, few people won’t get grip on the subject. They should be tensed and they should prepare with confidence and systematically.
* They should divide the time by 70:30 ratio.
* They should prepare the topics which can be scored easily in 70% of the time.
Short Period of Time:
When there is a short period of time, they can follow the below tips.
* They should get 90% marks in the mental ability and current affairs.
* The questions are Indian geography can be attempted and we should concentrate on the planetary system.
* They should combine the economics and politics with current affairs.
* They should prepare the test papers and previous question papers in the 30% of the time.
Scoring target:
Paper Extent Preparation process Attainable marks
Paper 1 (general studies) Extendable medium level preparation 110 – 120
Paper 2 (politics + AP history) Up to some extent Medium level 130-140
Paper 3 (Indian, AP economy) More More preparation 115 -125


 1 Week Before the Exam

* They should concentrate on the important topics.
* They should concentrate on all the topics in every subject.
* They should keep concentration on the current affairs and mental ability.
* If they have own notes, they should revise it or they should stick to only one book.
* They should read the known topics only.
* They should concentrate on the inner topics also.
* They should not spend time for searching new topics.
* They should not practice the question papers.
Last two days:
* They should concentrate on the subject which they feel they don’t have grip.
* They should prepare physically and mentally for the exam.
* They should believe in themselves and they should not discuss with the friends.
As the group exams are not conducted in a proper schedule like the civils, many students are quitting these exams. Patience is very important for the government posts and those who entered the groups now can get irritation. Almost all the group exams are conducted by postponing them and so the candidates should prepare with patience and expectation. By thinking they waiting is a part of the exam, the stress can be reduced. They should prepare mentally also and they need to have patience and expectation.
Mental preparation is also important:
* They should not feel that the preparation is not done properly or they did not prepare. They should just keep on going whatever happens.
* They should not think that the exam will be tuff and they prepare the APPSC, UPSC exam papers with normal level questions. Only few questions will be difficult.
* They should remember that many people are attempting the exam along with tem and they should prepare seriously. They should remember that the candidates write group 1 prelims for practice. And few candidates are only selected for mains.
* They should concentrate on the prelims and prepare. They should not prepare for the mains.
* This is not the time for group discussions and it will be wastage of time.