Preparation for Group II Exam
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 As the date for the exam is not given, it is better to prepare seriously from the beginning only.

General studies important subjects:
The questions asked in the exam are mainly from the 6,7,8,9 chapters. Few questions will be in the top level and the Telugu academy competitive books will be useful.
General science:
The physical science books from 6th to 10th classes help and the new developments in the science and technology are important.
Indian history:
The graduation level books are important and the previous question papers help a lot.
Mental ability:
The preparation of previous question papers is helpful and the books based on the mental ability in the market should be studied.

Main topics according to the subject wise:

Geography: Planetary system, Indian geography, Andhra Pradesh geography
General science: Changes in the humans, animal species and origin, digestive system, breathing process, diseases and modern technology.
Indian history : Indian history, sultans, independence fight, satavahanas, kakatiyas, vijayanagara kings struggle for Andhra Pradesh.
Politics: Rights, central and state ministries, central and state working departments, political departments.
Current affairs: The changes in the national and international affairs from October 2009 to till exam date announcement.
Economy: 2010-11 budget details, rural development, census, economic survey etc. changes in the seed and oil departments.
Mental ability: Based on the candidate ability, they should concentrate on the topics.