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Payed Less than what we expect from the Employer
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 As everyone desire to have a job that can promise them of a big pay, the professionals will be having a pleasant attitude towards pursuing that dream job. They would have got a fine picture of the pay package about different designations from different sources. But in spite of having a sound knowledge about their interested career, not many will be aware of the correct pay packages of their interested careers. Though many designations pay well for the professionals, it all depends on how you perform, what sought of contract size you will get or also the type of people you get to work for. Unless and until you are educated enough to take up any respective career, you can never be a part of glamorous job as well. Many jobs seem like luxurious jobs that can help you earn big bucks and many jobs are described as the jobs that should pay a lot more than what expected by the professionals. But as it is mentioned above, it all depends on the way you perform and the size of job contract etc.

Below mentioned are few important career streams that will pay you less than what you had expected, as mentioned on the ‘Investopedia’ website.  

1. Architect:
As an architect’s primary duty is to design and supervise the building that is under construction, he or she will be having complete responsibility to build it so strongly, in such a way that it won’t be damaged by any situation in the future, especially during natural disasters. To be an architect you need to be very well trained in the architecture field. Every architect’s decision depends upon keeping in mind about the public safety.
As the responsibility of an architect is large, definitely he or she will be expecting a good pay for their hard work. It has been reported that, though this position is not that close to lowest paying careers in terms of actual earnings, it can be considered as a low paying job as it requires lot of experience before practicing this profession. Apart from bachelor’s degree in architecture, to be an architect, there are three more procedures you need to follow such as licensing, writing the exams and internships.
2. Event Coordinator:
Planning an event is one of the most interesting and jovial jobs that anyone can pursue. Every time, the event coordinators get busy during the wedding seasons, festive seasons and most of the time arranging different companies occasions. Event planners are always busy in planning the budget of an event, establishing dates and figuring out and reserving event sites by taking permits from the people in charge of the property. Apart from that, an event planner must also be responsible for arranging for speakers and alternative speakers for companies programs and making it a fun filled event if it is a small family party and also regarding marriage contracts that he or she has got.
So, as an event coordinator will be having a lot of responsibilities to fulfill, he or she will be expecting a got pay by their clients. But very few event coordinators can enjoy a good pay because, it all depends upon the type of clients they get. If you just plan a program for some small occasions, definitely you won’t be paid better even though if you put a lot of hard work. So, if you are a smart wedding planner try to get good contracts from big organizations and big personalities in and out of India to make your dream come true. But keep in mind you can only earn big bucks only when you are experienced in this field and to get experienced you need to spend a lot of time.

 3. Family Therapists:

Family therapists can work in hospitals, they can also set up their own business, or can be a part of various treatment programs, can work in different government agencies etc. The working hours of family therapists are very flexible as depends on the number of patients they attend in a day. To be a family therapist, he or she needs to be very well versed in handling stressful situations of their patients by helping them with good advices. They need to have the talent of bringing back the patient to normal condition by helping him or her to balance their physical and emotional tensions. To bring back a patient for a normal situation, it is not just enough for the family therapist just to meet the concerned patients worries. He or she has to meet the patients’ entire family and figure out the problem and find a permanent solution for the problem. So, as it takes a lot of time to help a patient come out of their stress level, even a therapist must support the patient till he or she comes to a normal condition.

So, as the responsibility of a family therapist is very large, he or she will be expecting for a good pay, but he or she must adjust to a lower pay if they are at the starting level of their practice. If they get experienced, after some years they can open up their own business as a family therapist.
4. News reporter:
Gathering the news from different places in and around the world is not an easy job. Apart from gathering news, a news reporter must have the habit of researching every time for the latest news that is happening in their surroundings. Apart from collecting the latest news for their Electronic and the print Medias, they must be well versed in conducting interviews of prominent personalities. Many times, covering news about crime and wars is a very risky job, but still there are few reporters who are bold enough to take up that segment of the news reporting with full courage.
The working hours might be flexible for the news reporters because, no one knows when hot news will release all of a sudden. Because of this reason, many reporters will not be able to reach home even after late night. It is a very tough job for women when they are covering the latest news and other crime related news, as they need to stay back for a long time. Even though the reporters have to undergo many deadlines and stay back for long hours, the fresher in this profession are not that well paid. So, to be paid well, you need to have a lot of experience in this field.

5. Film and Television producers:
If you want to be a film or a television producer you need to be always good in picking up the best stories that you think is the best one to entertain the common public. Being a part of glamorous world is most of the people’s dream, but only few people will turn successful in this field. Well, if you want to be a film or a television producer, definitely, you need to be very smart and thoughtful person as you need to pick the best film or TV show to produce that can profit your investment after the release of the movie or the TV show.
Only a clever person can earn big bucks in this field. If you fail to be clever and just go and produce a film or a TV show, definitely you will be under financial crisis in the future.