The Town-Mouse And The Country-Mouse
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 A town-mouse paid a visit to his friend who lived in the countryside. The country-mouse was happy to see his friend. So he prepared a fine feast for him. The town-mouse looked at the fruit and the car of corn with hatred

"Is this how you live ?" he asked, "life in the country does not offer much."
He persuaded the country-mouse to accompany him to the town and see all the good things there.

 So, the country-mouse packed all his belongings and off they went to the city. The  

country-mouse was really surprised to see the things there. But as soon as they settled  
down to enjoy a fine meal of cheese and fruit, a big cat leapt in through the window.  
Seeing the cat, both the mice ran into their hole to save themselves, so the cat ate up all the cheese and fruit.
When the cat had gone away, the mice came out of their hole.
"I am going," cried the country-mouse, "I like my simple fare in safety than this grand  
feast in such a danger."

 MORAL: Safety is the first importance.