Face the interview - replace your confidence
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 If you go to any kind of interviews, you feel nervous, tension and finally you keep saying 

I didnt perform well in my interview. 


"Tell Me About Yourself" General Question I think Each Interview Aspirant might have faced. In this article there are certain valuable suggestions which will be helpful for Getting through The Basic Question asked by the Interviewer. 

1. Most of the freshers talk about details like - place, father`s name, father`s job, college name, college location, university ( MBA, Degree & Inter) etc. If you analyse these responses then you will find that you are providing "FACTS OR "INFORMATION WHICH YOU HAVE ALREADY MENTIONED IN YOUR RESUME". Unfortunately, this is not a winning response. 

2. Instead, use this opportunity to talk about YOUR-SELF. This means about your - "Attitude - Skills - Knowledge" 

3. Ideal Answer:

a) Quickly tell him/her - I am XYZ and I am from XYZ location. I did my MBA from XYZ University with XYZ as specialization (You spend a maximum of 20 to 30 Seconds) 

b) Talk about your Summer Project/Training Programs/Workshop (Knowledge) (Take 60 to 90 Seconds)

  • Company name
  • Theme of your Summers
  • Your work ( Maximum 2 Points)
  • Your Learnings ( Maximum 2 Points)

c) Talk about your Attitude: (60 to 90 Seconds)

Please note that you should mention about your "WORK ATTITUDE". Few Important Attitudes at Work Place are - Optimism, Confidence, Creativity, Conflict Resolution, Motivation, Focus, Drive for Achievement" etc.

Please note: Here you will have to assess yourself and pick-up ONE trait mentioned above. For ex: If you believe you have " Focus" then tell him/her that - I believe I have a strong Focus on Goals and focus on completing tasks. 90% of you stop here. But, Don`t stop here. Go on and share your REAL experience which made you to believe that you have focus. Experiences for focus are like - Taking up a project or event or activity etc in your town or home or college and how you completed the task with focus. ( Please ensure that you keep well under 90 Seconds)


 d) Talk about your Skills (60 to 90 Seconds)

Important Skills at work place are - Team Work, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Time Management, Planning Skills, Leadership Skills etc. As mentioned above - Please Select ONE important skill which you think you have to the core. DO NOT STOP HERE. Go ahead and explain why you think you have that skill. Ex: I am a good team player. Since school days, I did group studies or combined studies with my friends. We used to divide and share the syllabus among each other. Then we used explain to the group and listen from the group. This helped me to understand the concepts well. That I continued in graduation and in my MBA. And I play games like cricket, volleyball, basket ball where further improved on my team skills.

e) Finally close your answer by telling him your Career Objective (45 Seconds)
Most of the freshers copy Career Objectives from their senior resumes. But, Please spend 1 or 2 hours and define your career objective. You will have to have your objective clear for next 2 to 3 years. Ex: I would like to work for a growth oriented company where I will have opportunities to work in the area of Finance/Marketing/HR etc. For next 2 to 3 years, i would like learn as much as I can and contribute for the growth of my organization.

In total, you will have to present your self for about 3 to 4 minutes. Your details ( 25 Secs) + Summer Project (60 Secs) + Attitude (60 Secs) + Skills (60 Secs) + Career Aspiration (45 Secs)

This model worked well for many freshers. We firmly believe that this will work for you.

Please Note:
1. Write 1 Page notes on this
2. Prepare 10 times
3. Start recording the same with your Mobile Phone. You will have to do at least 10 to 15 recordings
4. Present it to your friends - 5 to 10 times
5. WITH OUT PRACTICE, its difficult to give a winning response for this question.