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Group Discussion is the process of checking out the Communication and Confidence with in you so built up with the following:

Work on your communication skills- In group discussions, you are expected to converse in English throughout the entire session. You shouldn’t make the mistake of using your regional language at any point in time during the GD. It is important that you practice your communications before the GD. Attend mock discussions and try to perform to the best of your ability. You could also ask your friends and family to help you out with impromptu discussions. Make it a point to converse in English during every discussion you have, whether with friends, or your batch mates.

Read a lot of books and magazines- Reading is an important part of cracking group discussions. Read a lot of books, magazines and newspapers. Reading exposes you to different perspectives on a certain issue. It helps to build your own perspective, which comes in handy during a GD.
Cultivate the habit of looking at things differently- An important aspect of leadership is creativity. Some people are naturally creative, while others have to cultivate the habit. Much before your GD, cultivate the habit of looking at things from a different angle. Sometimes, you are presented with a GD topic that’s completely abstract, such as “a pink scarf flying over the Red Fort.” Thinking out of the box helps in such situations.
Practice body language- Actions speak louder than words. You are assessed from the moment you walk into a GD hall. Apart from working on your speaking skills, it is important that you work on your overall body language too. Again, to some people, it comes naturally, while others have to work hard at it. The idea is to portray confidence and total control even though you may be feeling nervous inside. Sitting with an upright posture, making eye contact while speaking, keeping your legs straight, firmly on the floor and stationery are just body language tips you can practice for a better GD performance.
Practice in front of the mirror- If you can’t get hold of anyone to help you prepare, make mirror your best friend. Dress as you would on the day of the GD, sit in front of the mirror and speak as fluently as possible. Try to keep your body posture positive and do not become nervous even if you fumble. Practice half an hour every day, and slowly, you will get better at it.