Last few days for CAT Test
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Last 30 days to prepare for CAT Exam

First Question the students face is that how to improve scores in verbal ability and logical reasoning.

Last 30days is not to improve Quality of English but to focused on performance and the ability to solve the verbal.

The students who are pretty good at language should ram home the advantage. So pay little attention on your errors.

Errors can be corrected by solving mock and previous papers.

Take the test for the first mock test, If there were 9 VA question solve them without checking for the answers, then judge your answers.

Verbal ability is not like quant so that you get some formula to solve, It is based on your thinking, check where your answers are turning into errors, Focused on them.

When you solve a set of question you will definitely will do correct in the exam , practice as many as  you can  and you can find the set of traps CAT kept for you, due to the prior preparation you will find them easy to solve.

When it is about logical and reasoning in VA it is to remove co tentative minded people.

For reasoning you should use the right data in order. Other factor doing in last 30 days is to push the threat towards reasoning.

Initial expectation in reasoning is to build up the belief that i am going to do in last 30days. If you are good at language it’s pretty well you will solve them. if not work hard.

whatever questions come you need to predict at least 2 to 3 question type , make sure you  reach to that level.

You need to get your practice in such a way you should be confident enough not to see the answers after completing the exam.


For Quantitative aptitude and DI

Examine the previous papers and know every chapter basics, so that you can expect few from them.

As we Know Quant is divided into 6 block (know more check articles), focus more on I, V, VI blocks which are very important and also time and distance.

Revise the practiced papers and also previous papers, so that you won’t be struck in the exam to solve the similar questions.

Revise 100- 150 sets that’s enough don’t go for new sets.

Know your weaker area, if you feel that you can solve them in last 30days , then go for it or else it’s better to leave them.

Practice as many papers as you can, Don’t loose confident during last few days.

Practice more and follow these tips.

Stay stress less

All The Best