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With the countdown to the CAT 2012 examination reaching its final few weeks, students taking the examination need to ensure that their preparations are up to the mark. Here are a few lastminute tips for students: 


  • Know what you know, know what you do not.
  • My advice would be to individually audit your solving skills in each question category of the exam. 
  • While doing this, focus on how good your conceptual understanding is of each question. 
  • Also, try to find out how you solve questions within the given time. Make sure that you solve questions of each category of questions across all sections of the exam.


The ability audit break-up should be based on the following indicators: 

Quantitative aptitude: 
Block 1 (Number systems and progressions )
Block 2 (Averages and alligations)
Block 3 (Percentages, ratio and proportions , time and work, time, speed and distance)
Block 4 (Geometry and mensuration )
Block 5 (Functions, inequalities , logs and quadratic equations)
Block 6 (Permutations and combinations , probability, set theory) 
Logical reasoning: 
Break down the exam into various question types and evaluate your ability to solve each question type.
English: Break the questions into the following question categories:
i) Antonyms, synonyms, word usage , idioms and phrasal verbs based questions ii) Sentence level questions - fill in the blanks; facts, inferences and judgments
iii) Paragraph level questions - critical reasoning, paragraph jumbles, close tests iv) Passage level questions - reading comprehension When you do this, the crucial question you need to ask yourself would be:
`Given 100 questions in say Block 1 in quantitative aptitude, how many would you be able to solve?` If your answer is: 90+: You not only know that question type/portion well, but also have a strong belief in your ability to solve these questions. The only suggestion I can give you would be to revise each question from the question category . 75-90 : You have a strong ability but it has not been converted to a strong belief.
You might need to solve few more questions to fine tune your solving processes for the question type. 
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