CAT exam preparation during one month before the test
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Important things to do before CAT exam

CAT exam starts from 11th Octomber not much time to give last blush.

I know as we are the students we feel nerves and stressful. People say to avoid all this but what they know about it, we are going to give the exam.. Right !!!!
It is our right to get tension, stress bla bla bla ..... Just hope the best. Be confident and prepare as you like but i warn you Dont waste your time... Its Valuable..
Every one of us will defnetly look for short cut methods at last moments.. Here i am providing with few tips to let you win the battle.. 
  • First of all concentrate on time management because by now you might understand where you are comfort at.
  • Take mock test as many as possible so that you will find where you are scoring low. Important thing dont loose confident, think you will be perfect and once again prepare with short cut methods and start your mock test. 
  • Every day opt some time in giving mocks and after that concentrate which area you`re low. 
  • Planning is very important during preparation. you need to plan your study time, test time and improving the lacking things.
  • Dont neglect weaker area or dont leave them. concentrate on them every section has got its own weightage.
  • Prepare your self before taking Mock test. You can do it. It is equal for the topper and the lost one only the difference is that how we are preparing for the exam varies. 
  • During the test selecting the questions is very important, try to attempt the easy ones first then to difficult one. 
  • Do you know the question with long sentences, wont be difficult. Try this tip in your mock then implement in your main exam. 
  • Prepare verbal ability and quant. Students mostly go wrong in DI so prepare well. Be cool while your taking the test. 
  • Eat well, sleep well dont be so impatient during the preparation. 
  • Remember if you work had defnetly you will score good. Dont listen to other who says `` Hey dud i cleared CAT with less effort, I didnt prepare much, i Saw movie at night next day i gave my exam i clear it yaaro............`` Dont believe it, they are diveating your focus.
  • You can do it 
  • Remember take Mock test as many as possible as few suggestions and short  cuts to your tutor and follow it.
  • Dont waste your time, You will see its result.
Be confident you can do it 
You can ask me queries too......