What to choose either college or the counselling
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Confusion in Choosing your college or Branch..

Student who cleared EAMCET exams hopes for happy day movie trailer in their life. But when every thing comes to the reality it goes ups and downs. Why??

Remember, choosing the right path is important than choosing the college.

Before going to the counselling, make sure you did the following works.

  • Choosing the best choice is bit difficult but that decision in taking the right branch in engineering or in medicine turns your life.
  • Here is our confusion lies what to choose either branch or the college. I say selecting the best branch in low grade college is simply a mere waste of time. Joining in the best college doing a scope less course is also the same.
  • Remember whether the college is provides high quality education or the poor education effort from the student is important.
  • If you join in the low grade college donot get upset work hard.  Effortless work will not remain forever. Choosing the college depends on how you think. There were many sources available in the net that provides complete history about the college. Do a small survey.
  • Better colleges have better systems of education, better professors, and better resume value (which, whether you like it or not, is a factor for a long, long time.) Also, in better colleges, you have better classmates. This matters in the short term (because better classmates means more influence of friends who are interested in the right things), and the long term (better network).
  • Choose your college far from home. stay at metro cities  or well developed town so that you will develops smartness and get involved in various initiatives.
  • Choosing a branch depends on the present situations. Remember the branch which has much scope will be provided by many colleges. Before choosing it go through overall progress of the students who completed that course. About college choose it but without proper survey don’t blankly choose it.  Know the college Affiliation and accreditation which means the college has certain standards recognized by institutions and industries.
  • Know about the college infrastructure and the faculty. some college choose seniors as your faculty. Know the faculty experience and how long they are staying in that institute.
  • Enquire about the placements and additional sessions providing for the students. it will helps you alot before completing your studies.
  • Know the placement records of the college and the partners of the college.
  • Take the final decision after going through the above said points. Don’t rely on any one  know the personal experience of the students and faculty. Be cool and take right choice

 All the Best..


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