Puzzle: How Darwin can settle his bills
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Darwins Settlement:

Help Darwin to settle his bills 

On a business trip, Darwin had to stay in a hotel in Pune. The hotel rent happened to be Rs. 5000 per day. As per the hotel`s rules, he is expected to pay up the rent every evening by cheque.

Also, the hotel management is not allowed to accept any advance payment and it does not allow default either. Hence, at the end of every day no guest pays anything in excess, nor does he/she pay any amount less than what he/she is supposed to. Also, as per protocol, they wait for 8 days before encashing any cheque that has been issued to them.

Within those 8 days, a guest is allowed to replace his previous cheque by a new one, if he deems it necessary. 

Darwin checked into the hotel on 1st of March and is scheduled to stay in the hotel the entire month. Unfortunately, he has only five blank cheques remaining in his cheque book. (His bank is in another city and has no branches in Pune). As per rules, he cannot use any mode of payment other than cheque. 

Using this data, you need to come up with a plan on how Darwin can settle his bills on a daily basis and stay there the entire month. Provide a detailed explanation along with your answer.