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 Solution for  Can you solve this puzzle!!!!!

Here slope of AC = 3/8 and slope of BC = 2/5.
Now, 2/5 > 3/8 Hence ACB are not in the same line.
Hence, DACB is a convex quadrilateral.
Similarly in the second figure, DACB is a concave quadrilateral.
Area of convex DACB > area of concave DACB and the difference between the areas of the two quadrilaterals is equal to the portion of land that has not been allotted to anyone in the second figure.
It is easy to observe that the area of Suresh’s, Paresh’s, Dinesh’s and Ritesh’s land remain same.
There is an anomaly in the distribution of land when the two figures are compared and the piece of land that has not been allotted in the second figure should belong to Ramesh.