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Title The Land Distribution Dispute

Rajesh, the landlord of Panditpur is breathing his last. He has 5 sons – Ramesh, Suresh, Paresh, Dinesh and Ritesh. He divides his land amongst his five sons as shown below:

The blue portion indicates Ramesh’s land, red portion indicates Suresh’s land, brown region indicates Paresh’s land, yellow region indicates Dinesh’s land and green region indicates Ritesh’s land.
His sons are satisfied with the amount of land they are receiving but they want their respective portions of lands in different positions.
For example, Paresh will be happier if he gets the south-west portion of the land and Suresh wants the north-east portion of the land.
Rajesh, worried sick by this new problem he is faced with, decides to call Mr. Bhagat to seek an answer.
After thinking a lot, Mr. Bhagat comes up with a new distribution pattern as shown below. (Color code remains the same.)

In this arrangement, everyone gets the same amount of land as was desired by their father Rajesh, but there is still a piece of land remaining which is not allotted to any of the 5 sons. How is this possible and to whom does this land belong to?

Answer will provided on saturday morning ( 2nd June)