How to Prepare for BITSAT Exam
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 BITSAT Means Birla Institution of Technology and Science Admission Test Which is a computer based Online Test.

Time Management

  • Getting admission In BITS may not be toughest task only if you concentrate on your target.
  • Remember duration of this exam is 3 hours in that you need solve Physics, Chemistry, English, Logical and Maths. 
  • First choose your interesting subject complete them but dont spare to much of your time on it. Even though you are familiar with the pattern of the question try to manage your time to solve them with in the time.
  •  Divide your time for Example you need yo complet your exam in 3 hr i.e 180 min. Dont divide them mutually. First analyse your hard subject which takes much time to solve i feel most of us face difficulty in Physics and then Maths Among 180 divide 40 each.
  • Now you are left with 100 Mins give 30 mins for Chemistry now you got 70 min then give 20 mins for English and 20 for Logical.
  • Still you have 30 min in this 10 min to recheck your answers and 20 min to solve tough questions.


Important Information to face the Exam

  1. More the time you spend on studying outside the syllabus, the more time you may be wasting on questions that might not even be included in the final BITSAT Since the test is computer based, you should have at least a working knowledge of the same It is a good idea to start by revising your 11th and 12th standard NCERT syllabus for mathematics, physics and chemistry For additional preparation you can also rely on numerous reference books easily available in the market. Stick to the ones recommended by other students who have already studied from them Reference books should provide you with a wide variety of multiply choice questions, covering the entire syllabus.
  2. Don`t rush into taking mock BITSAT`s. You should cover the entire syllabus once and practice from reference books at least 2-3 times before attempting the preparation test for BITSAT You should be thorough with basic concepts and formulaes You are not allowed to use a calculator for solving mathematical questions. It is, thus, important to brush up on your calculation skills Study from a good quality study material for the reasoning section of BITSAT. Try to devote a specific amount of time to the preparation of this section daily, as you might not have studied reasoning in your 11th or 12th standard At the time of the exam, start with the section you are most confident about As there is a negative marking of 1 marks for every incorrect answer, try to avoid wild guessing. 
  3. Since Maths and Physics are more numerical based students tend to give more emphasis on preparing for them. However, you must make sure that every day at least an hour or so is dedicated to Chemistry. 
  4. BITSAT sample papers and BITSAT previous years’ papers are available in many practice books as well as on the official BITSAT website. Practicing on BITSAT sample papers will help memorize syllabus, identifying weak topics, understanding the BITSAT paper format and time management. Hence, once you are through with the syllabus dedicate more time at least the last few days completely to solving BITSAT sample papers.
  5. Though English and Logical Reasoning is much simpler as compared to Physics, Chemistry and Maths it is still essential to prepare for them because without clearing all the sections it is not possible to clear t he BITSAT 2012.Also studying everyday diligently for English is essential since it is a subject that can not be learnt in a day and needs regular practice.
  6. The BITSAT 2012 exam gives the opportunity of choosing which section to start with. Always start with the section you are most confident with since it will keep you motivated enough and will leave time for you to be able to solve the other sections.